What did Jeongyeon do? Followers are both shocked and saddened by the most recent pictures

Fans of TWICE member Jeongyeon were shocked by how she changed and by the new photos of her that were released. Fans were shocked and worried about the star’s safety, but the change in the star’s body was not something that had just happened. People previously knew Jeongyeon gained weight because she had health problems like neck pain, panic attacks, or worry. After Jeongyeon broke her routine and went on vacation, something happened.

What is with jeongyeon

Her fans are worried about the changes she has made in the past few years. Since it looked like she was sick again, the girl group member’s fans felt sorry for her and worried about her health. Because of her weight gain, many people on social media were shocked and disgusted by her first post, which seems to have brought her even more unwanted attention.

Because of the trolls, many of Jeongyeon’s fans have come out to defend her. According to AllKpop, a few people commented, saying, It was because she had a neck injury and rested a lot because of anxiety problems. Another comment said, When you start taking prescription medicine for psychiatric problems, you gain about 10 kg in a month. Please leave her alone. A third comment said, Please leave her alone.

The expectation of people

Some people told the idol how beautiful she was to encourage her and keep her from being embarrassed by other people’s comments about her body. On Twitter, many people were sceptical and pointed out that the pictures might have been tampered with. People were also talking about whether or not it was OK to advertise the idol without mentioning that she works in a field where her looks are important.

People think celebrities should pay more attention to their looks because their careers depend on them, but their reasons for this vary. One of the group’s members said that regular people face similar problems but have to keep going with their lives because they don’t have enough money to take a break.

The fight with public

A video of her performance with the women’s group in June, in which she can be seen wincing in pain, went viral very quickly. Fans were already worried about her health before she didn’t show up for the group’s live interview, and her absence made them think that JYP Entertainment wasn’t looking out for her. She hurt herself while practising “More & More” TWICE, and it was said that she had herniated discs again a few months after that.

She missed the 2020’s events again and told her fans that she was in the hospital getting treatment. The agency also said that Jeongyeon was having trouble with her mind and needed to rest and get medical care.

Who is this Jeongyeon?

Yoo Jeong-Yeon, whose name is often shortened to “Jeongyeon,” is a singer from South Korea. She was born into a musically talented family and is a member of the girl group Twice, which was created in South Korea by JYP Entertainment. Gong Seungyeon’s sister is a well-known actress in South Korean television dramas.

What was Jeongyeon’s name when she was younger before she changed it?

When Jeongyeon’s parents decided to give her the name Yoo Kyung Wan, she used the name Kyung Wan until she was nine years old. Based on the Hanja characters, the name means delicate and gifted, but she had to give up such a beautiful name because she was bullied.

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