What happened between Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon? The Truth Behind the Rumours explained!

After announcing that she was ending her relationship with Payton Saxon, Gabbie Hanna clearly said she was now a single woman. Gabbie Hanna is known for her series The Gabbie Show, which has garnered much attention on YouTube. She is also an actress and a singer. In 2017, she released her first single, “Out Loud.” They made their first significant appearance together in the original series Escape the Night that was hosted on YouTube Red. She was awarded the Streamy Award for Best Storytelling for her work in 2018. Her leading part in the series Escapes the Night, available exclusively on YouTube Red, is just one of her many acting gigs.

Gabbie Hanna: Is she single?

Controversial YouTuber Gabbie Hanna disclosed that she is no longer in a relationship in the premiere episode of her brand-new Confessions series, which she published on June 23. The recent allegations that have been made against Gabbie have resulted in an outpouring of hatred aimed against her and those who support her.

Why Did Gabbie Hanna Leave Her Boyfriend?

After years of jokes being made on social media about Gabbie’s single state, she finally started dating Payton Saxon. While it would seem that he is not an influencer like Gabbie, he often shared pictures and videos of the two of them on Instagram when they were dating, so there is that. Gabbie Hanna revealed to her audience in the first episode of her new web series, “Confessions of a Washed-up YouTube Hasbeen,” that she and her longtime partner Payton Saxon had broken up their relationship. Even though they did not share any interests, she considered her ex-boyfriend her closest friend.

In conclusion, Gabbie said that she and Payton were still friends, even though they had different objectives and strategies in mind for the future. It has been reported that Gabbie Hanna and Payton Saxon started dating in August. However, the pair did not make their relationship status public on Instagram until January of next year. Payton, her former lover, has appeared in cameo roles in several videos and a music video that Gabbie has produced. According to the individual who is 30 years old, Payton is a rather private guy, which may suggest that the individual who is 32 years old does not engage in a great deal of activity on social media. The news that Gabbie Hanna has signed a recording contract has sparked the attention of her devoted followers in learning how the breakup of her recent romantic relationship has impacted her songwriting.

Past relationship details of Gabbie Hanna

Andrew Siwicki has gained the most of his notoriety due to his work as Shane Dawson’s cameraman in the latter’s vlogs and documentary series. She started dating Andrew in 2018, even though she continually characterized him as a friend, even though he was often featured in her vlogs. It’s unclear what caused the relationship to end after not even a full year together.

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