What happened to Eduin Caz? Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz explains his hospitalization Details explained

Grupo Firme lead singer Eduin Caz was taken to the hospital on May 7 after a performance at Foro Sol in Mexico City. Caz’s weekend overeating on alcohol and unhealthy food aggravated his hernia, causing severe discomfort and prompting an emergency ride to the nearest clinic. Discover why the artist was brought to the hospital and learn more about his health history.

Eduin Caza hospitalized after Grupo Fime concert

Eduin Caz was brought to the emergency department of a Mexican hospital shortly after the May 7th, 2022, Grupo Firme performance at Foro Sol, owing to the effects of a chronic disease he suffers from. According to Real America News, the Regional Mexican band played that evening at Foro Sol in Mexico City before a video surfaced online showing singer Eduin Caz on a stretcher after being taken by an ambulance.

Fans were understandably concerned after seeing the video of Caz seeking medical treatment appear on Instagram in the early hours of the next day. However, the musician sent a statement on Instagram hours later, assuring his followers that he was alright and promising to provide more information later.

Why was the vocalist taken to the hospital immediately?

The 27-year-old was advised against drinking due to his chronic hernia, but he “became incredibly intoxicated during two back-to-back gigs, and ate a lot of food afterward,” worsening his condition. We all know that a hernia is a painful protrusion that, if left untreated, may lead to serious health issues. Assuring his enormous Instagram following that he does not use drugs and drinks alcohol, @eduincaz posted a nearly ten-minute video to clarify the issue, saying, “Those who are my fans know I have a chronic hernia and I was advised I shouldn’t be drinking.”

Unfortunately, on that particular day, He completely lost track of everything. The musician went on to say that the fire in his gut was becoming worse. He woke up with stomach ache and diarrhoea on Saturday morning and took some medicine before going to work. He drank alcohol as well on that day, but He did it when he was under the influence of medication. According to accounts, Caz felt the pain throughout his body intensify to the point where he passed out from the agony.

The ambulance drove him to a nearby clinic, where he was given pain medication and seen by a doctor who diagnosed his condition as being caused by heartburn. The member of Grupo Firme reported his voice chords burnt, and He, too, felt like fire was engulfing his chest and back.

Find Out More about the Condition of the Mexican Singer

@eduincaz said in the same Instagram video that he has to prioritize his health and start again with his workout and food routine. Before Caz could clarify what had occurred on social media, inaccurate information about him had leaked online. As a result, the singer wanted to restate the rumors and explain why he was hospitalized. He concluded that he just wanted to produce this video to let his fans know that he was alright and that they should not trust everything they read.

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