What happened to Fedez Malattia? Italian rapper gets help following mental disorder diagnosis, Details discussed

Fedez Malattia, an Italian rapper, has informed his followers that he has just been diagnosed with a medical condition and is set to begin treatment. While fans were showing their love for the rapper on social media, his wife Chiara Ferragni also posted a touching message in his defence. In 2019, Fedez said he discovered a scar that may indicate he is at risk for developing multiple sclerosis. Millie Mills called the scarring demyelination. Fans are curious about demyelination and possible treatments for the rapper, even though it has not been proven to be the rapper’s medical ailment.

Italian rapper Fedez Malattia reveals health problems

Fedez Malattia, whose true name is Federico Leonardo Lucia, rose to prominence with the release of his album Disumano in 2021. Almost 80 million Spotify users have listened to the album’s most popular track, Millie. A heartfelt post on Instagram informed the rapper’s 13.5 million followers about his diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The rapper reassured his audience by saying the illness had been detected early and that he expected to make a full recovery. Fedez promised followers that he would keep them informed as soon as he could, but for the time being, he needed to devote his attention to his family, including his children, Leone and Vittoria.

Fans of Fedez are curious about demyelination

Although he didn’t specify what was wrong, the rapper had previously told followers that he had discovered a little white scar that put him at a greater chance of developing multiple sclerosis. And Fedez went on to explain that this was a sort of demyelination. The central nervous system (CNS) and brain may be affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Because of this, you may have problems with your eyesight, ability to move, and sense of touch. While there are mild forms with manageable symptoms, multiple sclerosis is a dangerous disorder that may leave many people permanently disabled.

Recently, famous people like Selma Blair and Christina Applegate have spoken publicly about living with the disorder. There are many diseases and syndromes that may be classified as demyelinating disorders since they all cause damage to myelin. Myelin acts as a sheath to shield your nerves, especially the ones in your brain and spinal cord. When this layer is compromised, scar tissue may grow in its place, slowing the transmission of brain impulses throughout the area. Demyelination indicates that your nerves aren’t functioning as effectively as they should. Some symptoms include impaired eyesight, muscular weakness and spasms, altered bowel and bladder habits, and altered sensory perception.

Chiara Ferragni supports her husband despite demyelination worries

Italian blogger, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and model Chiara Ferragni is well known for her work in the fashion industry. Since 2018, the two of them have been happily married. However, they first started dating in 2016. The model posted a message on her Instagram account asking her followers to provide “more support” for her hubby during this challenging time.

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