What happened to JJ Da Boss? Street Outlaws star and his wife Tricia were both hurt in a car crash

According to the most recent reports, Jonathan Day, better known by his stage as JJ Da Boss, and his wife Tricia were involved in a car accident on January 12. Due to their wounds, the couple required medical treatment. Facebook group Deep South Street Racing was the first to report the news, stating that they had independent verification that Day and Tricia were, in fact, filming Season 2 of Street Outlaws: America’s List. Photos taken at the scene of the accident suggest that at least two street racing cars crashed, one of which was the well-known 1966 Chevy II Ziptie Nova driven by JJ Da Boss. The value of the vehicle was determined to be zero after it was involved in a collision with a number of parked cars.

What is the condition of JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia after the accident?

In yet another update provided by Deep South Street Racing, it was said that Jonathan Day had received burns to both his hands and his face while competing in one of the races. On January 13, he was discharged from the hospital, and his wife Tricia is still in the hospital, receiving surgery for damage to her hip. According to the report in the press, she remained hospitalised due to the injuries she sustained.

The Hummingbird, JJ and Tricia’s second street racing car, may be seen in the images taken after the crash. It seemed that the Ziptie had a high-speed collision with a parked car’s centre pillar and side panel, while the Hummingbird appeared to have flipped over. Despite the fact that JJ Da Boss only suffered minor burns, it is widely believed that he was the one who was operating the Ziptie. There is a possibility that Tricia, who had hip surgery after the Hummingbird accident, was involved in both of these instances.

The specifics of the vehicle accident are reviewed

Each street-racing car had a roll bar and other safety features installed. Both cars are said to have well over a thousand horsepower without nitrous oxide. However, their specifications and the most recent modifications are unknown. In 2017, JJ Da Boss was engaged in another horrible accident while moving two autos to the state of Arkansas. The automobile accident occurred because the Memphis resident, who was 48 years old at the time, fell asleep while driving, injuring his hand and suffering broken ribs. Because the trailer tipped over, both of his trailered automobiles, “Ole Heavy” and “Heifer,” sustained significant damage. 

According to reports, filming on Street Outlaws: America’s List will cease at Discovery after Jonathan and Tricia Day have fully recovered from their respective illnesses. It is not clear if the incident with the couple took place before, during, or after the shooting of the scene. Therefore, it is unknown at this time if the accident will take place during the next season.

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