What happened to Lee Cheong-san from ‘All of Us Are Dead’? Speculations and theories are explored in season 2

The fate of Lee Cheong-san, the protagonist of the drama All of Us Are Dead, has captivated audiences worldwide. Despite getting infected and dying in the blast, his fans still think he’s alive. High school students Nam On-jo, Lee Cheong-san, Choi Nam-ra, Yoon Gwi-nam, Lee Na-yeon, and Lee Su-hyeok are featured prominently throughout the plot. Many fans’ favourite characters suffered and died during the drama, but Lee Cheong-demise sans was the most memorable. Fans are shocked by his death. Several fan theories suggest Lee Cheong-san is still alive.

What happened to Lee Cheong-san in ‘All of Us Are Dead’?

Cheong-san repeatedly demonstrated his superiority in this fast-paced story about a virus that infects humans and transforms them into ravenous human-eating zombies. Despite the danger of infection, Lee Cheong-san was one of the rare characters that would directly face and combat zombies. In the series’ final episodes, when the remaining pupils were perched precariously on a construction site’s edge, Cheong-san gave his life to defend them. Gwi-nam, one of the other zombies, bit him. When the rest of his classmates fled the school, he was stuck behind. The South Korean military eventually detonated a bomb on the campus to contain the disease.

Exploring the internet’s suspicions about Lee Cheong-survival san’s to rest

Fans wondered whether he died despite his limited chances. Someone on the Internet explained how Cheong-san might have stayed alive. Choi Nam-last ra’s words were interpreted in many ways. This netizen believes Cheong-san survived the blast and is a hambie like Choi Nam-ra. This Internet user said the virus took physical form due to widespread anxiety. Since Cheong-san isn’t afraid, he may be immune to the illness. Choi Nam-ra is an example of someone who has overcome their fears to become a hambie.

The footage suggested that his body may have been protected from the blast by Gwi-and nam’s other zombies’ bodies. Yet another internet user posted a lengthy video casting doubt on Cheong-death. san’s When the surviving characters sneaked returned to the school, they were relieved to find Choi Nam-ra still alive. The netizen analysed Choi Nam-conversation ra’s and facial expressions. The internet user deduced from this that Cheong-san could still be alive. The video explained how each episode ended with suspense due to the director’s cut of various sequences, but how this was resolved in the subsequent episode. The video used this comparison to show that Cheong-survival san’s was possible.

The reasoning behind how an infected individual becomes a hambie and why Choeng-san may be one was also discussed in the film. Another explanation was given towards the video’s conclusion. After Cheong-san became sick, On-jo enlisted the help of Nam-ra to see whether anybody else was still alive on the construction site. Nam-ra said she couldn’t smell anybody with her new zombie ability. The netizen pondered whether Nam-ra couldn’t smell because Cheong-san died or fled. Fans are optimistic that Lee Cheong-san and Nam-ra will have significant roles in the upcoming second season because of all these rumours.

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