What happened to Lisa Techel? Where is her husband now? Seth Techel’s sentence before Dateline: Hidden Truths explored!

In July 2012, an Iowa man named Seth Techel was found guilty of murder in the first degree. On May 23, 2012, he was found guilty of using a shotgun to kill his wife, Lisa Techel, and he was sentenced to life in prison. When Lisa was killed, she was just a little over four months into her pregnancy, and she and her husband Seth had been married for only seven months at the time. The couple had parked their trailer in the little community of Agency, which is located in the more rural southern part of Iowa. On the other hand, it was rumoured that Seth Techel had another girlfriend. After being suspected of the crime, he said that he did not murder his wife.

The details of Seth Techel’s conviction

In May of 2012, Seth Techel called 911 to report that his wife had been murdered. He said that he heard a gunshot while in the shower. He found his wife dead when he checked the bed cover’s hole. Seth said that he went out after hearing footsteps in the corridor but arrived too late to catch up with them. According to his defence team, the murder was blamed on a neighbour with mental health concerns who feuded with Seth.

On the same day that he promised to leave his wife for a colleague named Rachel McFarland, the prosecution claims that he terribly murdered his wife. Because he was present inside the trailer when the incident occurred, despite his medical expertise, he did not assist Lisa when she needed it. He left out the shotgun that killed Lisa, which was found in the property’s overgrown grass. Techel refuted each and every claim that was brought against him by the prosecution. Unfortunately for Seth, the three-judge panel of the Iowa Court of Appeals that reviewed his case decided that he was convicted based on the circumstantial evidence that the prosecution had provided.

What happened to Seth Techel?

In the first two trials, the juries could not conclude his guilt, and both of those cases ended in hung juries. On the other hand, Seth was found guilty in a third trial, and he was given a sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole. He was charged with murder in the first degree in addition to the unjustifiable ending of a human pregnancy. There is a high probability that he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life. Seth Techel, a deputy sheriff candidate, interned with the Agency before the murder. He volunteered his time to the local fire department and worked as a corrections officer for the county in his leisure time. On the 11th of May in 2022, an episode of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered on Oxygen will be broadcast. This show will delve more into the murder of Lisa Techel and the suspected motivations of her husband, Seth Techel.

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