What Happened to Tiktok’s Pudgy? Fans Pay Homage to the ‘Owa Owa’ Tiktok Icon After Owner Reveals His Death

The puppy, Pudgy Woke, had amassed a sizeable following on the video-sharing platform TikTok. On July 16th, his master Malachy James explained what happened when Pudgy died. TikTok has quickly become a popular venue for users to share short videos that provide a peek into their everyday lives. As this was happening, Malachy thought it was time for the world to meet Pudgy, the canine later dubbed the “Owa Owa dog.”

What Happened to Tiktok’s Pudgy?

Online chatter had been rife with reports of Pudgy’s supposed demise for quite some time. On July 16th, Malachy spoke up after months of radio-quiet. He verified the death of the popular Internet pet in a film captioned “What happened to Pudgy,” which he posted on YouTube. Malachy remarked, “I meet this guy who has his dog on a leash.”

As for Pudgy, I was the one to bring him to me. It’s common knowledge that Pudgy urinates at will wherever he goes. The man was eager to introduce Pudgy to his canine. I set Pudgy down because I figured the two would eventually settle for a friendly smell. When canines first meet, they typically wag their tails excitedly. There was no truth to this at all. I’m currently in a dogfight with a canine that suddenly assaulted Pudgy.

According to Malachy, Pudgy was taken to the vet and put under for his safety. As for Pudgy, Malachy said he was confident in his recovery after a few sutures. Later, he learned that Pudgy would require an operation, which could set him back between $12,000 and $15,000. Even though Malachy gave the okay for the surgery, the physicians warned him that Pudgy had slim possibilities of survival. As a result, they had to put Pudgy to sleep, even though it was a difficult choice. Malachy’s complete film is available for viewing.

Who is Pudgy?

The long-haired chihuahua known as “Pudgy” amassed a sizable online following. At one point, he amassed 12.4 million TikTok admirers, 446k Instagram users, and 12,000 Twitter followers. It just so happened that the sound of Pudgy’s yelp was the one thing everyone was paying attention to at the same moment. As a result, he earned the name “OWA OWA dog.” Pudgy had been abandoned on the roadside, and Malachy’s companion had discovered it and brought it home. Malachy sensed that Pudgy would be unique for him from the moment they met. When I met Pudgy, I felt a deep bond with him, and I never wanted to let him go, he said in an interview. When my brother’s buddy realised he couldn’t provide properly for a canine, my mom and I took him in as our own.

Fans Honour the Loved Pet

When it was finally verified that Pudgy had passed away, mourners took to social media to pay their respects. Pudgy’s Instagram, TikTok, and the YouTube video in which Malachy confirmed the news brought back fond memories of the cherished canine for many of his followers.

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