What happens at the end of ‘Attack on Titan’? Details of the last episode of Attack on Titan, shocking deaths and many more discussed!

After 11 years had passed since the publication of the manga’s first chapter, the story of Attack on Titan was finally brought to an end. This work is widely considered Hajime Isayama’s magnum opus, and the mangaka’s devoted readers have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the story. Attack on Titan’s last storyline was the most depressing in the series. Extremely shocking fatalities occurred in front of the fans, leaving them stunned. Even though the ending wasn’t exactly what the audience hoped for, the story was more than satisfying. Major plot points from Attack on Titan chapters 132, 138, and 139 have been revealed in this article.

How does the season of Attack on Titan come to an end?

The ending of Attack on Titan was so shockingly unexpected it has even left the show’s most devoted viewers speechless. Some viewers said the finale left them shaking for days. Eren starts up the rumbling machine. The founding Titan can trigger Rumbling, which would release about 600,000 Colossal Titans who would crush everything in their path. With Rumbling, Eren kills out almost 80 per cent of the population. Eren’s ultimate goal was to eliminate all human life on Earth, making him the primary antagonist. It was clear to viewers that Eren’s decision to talk to Armin while using his Founding Titan abilities was deliberate.

As a result, the Alliance could be certain that they would be held in high esteem. When the population began remembering their past, Marley abandoned fighting and joined the Allies. At the end of Attack on Titan, Mikasa killed Eren. She severed his head, leaned down and kissed Eren’s severed one. As she said farewell to him, she was overcome with emotion. Mikasa and Armin, in their grief, buried their childhood companion Eren next to the tree where he often slept.

Deaths in Attack on Titan that were completely unexpected

In Chapter 132, there was a very tragic death. Hange and the rest of the crew were flying when a Wall Titan approached their jet. Hange was opposed to the death of any of the Titan shifters. She took out several Wall Titans to buy breathing room for the remainder of the squad. But one of them set fire to Hange and trampled him to death. Attack on Titan Part 1 saw another shocking fatality when Gabi sneaked aboard the airship and shot and killed Sasha. Gabi could take on the traits of a Titan and gain its abilities.

After seeing Eren murder several people and the War Hammer Titan on Marleyan soil, she grew to despise the Paradisians. She sneaked into the flying ship and murdered Sasha Blouse. Eren’s death after the series was a huge shock for fans of Attack on Titan. Eren, blessed with the abilities of the Founding Titan, may have avoided death. But he played the role of the bad guy on purpose so that the Alliance might come out on top. Quite a few supporters voiced their disbelief on various social media platforms.

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