What is coronavirus, How we can prevent ?

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world way faster than recovery is encountered. China was largely affected due to the named virus, both in its medical and economic health. Probable causes of getting affected by the coronavirus are pneumonia and a weak immune system, which lengthens the recovery time. Thus on account of coronavirus –Should I be worried? There are a lot of cases, which prove some countries are not entirely affected by the epidemic. But precautions are highly recommended to be taken. 

What is Coronavirus? 

A member of the COVID family, COVID-19 termed as the virus responsible for the illness and in air spreading. The scientist claimed that this type of virus was never heard or dealt with before. Including the other members of the coronaviruses, it comes from animal bodies. 

Over 120,000 people have been affected by the virus as per the latest reports suggest with just 51% recovery of 62,000 patients who saved themselves. Deaths are on the rise, with suspected 3,800 cases recently, where 3000 occurred in China alone. 

The main disease which affects humans is Pneumonia. Similar other diseases include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (or MERS-CoV) from camels and a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) from civet cats. Most of the coronaviruses present in animals have not yet affected humans. The species found in civet cats and camels were the first ones. 

Corona Virus and its probable Symptoms: 

The symptoms encountered with coronavirus include,

  1. Respiratory problems.
  2. Fever
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Severe coughing
  5. Difficulty in breathing. 

The virus also caused much more severe symptoms for patients who were found ill before. They were also having a very weak immune system, as claimed by doctors is the main reason for the infection. Too severe symptoms which are eminent after coronavirus infection include, 

  1. Severe Pneumonia
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Breathing problems
  4. Lung failure (Sometimes)
  5. Acute respiratory syndrome. 

Some cases of coronavirus patients report severe death within a small period of the infection. 

Why Coronavirus is said to be too deadly for humans? 

Coronavirus is a virus of the COVID-19 family. It is usually found in animals and has not been encountered before since it got suspected lately. It is said deadly for humans for a variety of reasons including sudden death. Other reasons include kidney failure, which is highly risky for diabetic patients. The acute respiratory syndrome can even cause a lot of problems, including difficulty in breathing. 

Precautions to keep yourself safe from coronavirus infection: 

Here are some precautions to keep yourself safe from the deadly coronavirus. 

  1. Wash your hands with soap. Regularly wash your hands with disinfectant or medicated hand wash when coming from crowded places, dusty areas, before eating, especially when you had a sneeze, rough cough or just blew your nose. You can use alcohol-based hand washes that are much more effective. 
  2. Don’t go near sick people. Avoid contact, hugs and mixing with people who are suffering from fever, similar diseases or if they are sick. 
  3. Don’t go to places if you are sick yourself. Avoid roaming, going outside if you are sick, suffering from fever or mild diseases. 
  4. Cover your nose when sneezing, blowing. Use a handkerchief, or medicated tissues when blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing. Don’t eat anything with those hands without washing them. 
  5. Wear a Mask. Whether sick or not, always wear a mask when going outside, in town, crowd places to avoid coming in contact with the virus or spreading it to others. 
  6. Wash your clothes regularly. Keep yourself as clean as possible. Wash your clothes when coming from a dirty place. 
  7. Eat organics. Try eating more organics, spices, herbs to make your immune system stronger. Coronavirus patients who have recovered had strong immune systems. 

When you should see a doctor? 

If you are suspecting yourself, with key symptoms like coughing or high temperature, weakness after you have come from a crowded place, you should immediately see a doctor. Even if you are not suffering from these symptoms, you should go for a checkup to be sure. Wear a mask for your safety and preventing the disease from spreading in your locality. 

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