What is link building, and what is the role of link building in SEO?

Link building is a set of SEO Off-Page techniques dedicated to generating or achieving links in external domains to achieve a better SEO positioning of a website within search engines. External links are also known as back links, and thanks to the use of this type of links that point to your domain, a greater web authority is achieved and better organic positioning in search engines.

Not all external links that point to your website can be beneficial. Depending on the domain authority (Domain Authority) of the website that links to your website, a greater or lesser relevance will be achieved when it comes to positioning.

In a way, developing a link-building strategy is like playing the lottery. The more shares (links) we get/buy on external websites, and the higher quality and authority these are, the greater the chances of winning a prize and improving domain authority.

Google always seeks to offer quality content to users. For this reason, its algorithms are designed to take into account the type of external links and offer one or another score to each web page. So it is recommended that the pages that link to your website have good domain authority.

In this way, when the search engine observes that the back links are of quality and high relevance, the algorithms will offer greater importance to our website in the search rankings. Therefore, increasing positions will increase our domain authority; that is, the popularity and prestige of our website will increase which is why one must take help of experts who provide link building services.

Factors and steps to follow for an excellent Link building strategy

The importance of link building in SEO is directly related to improving the authority of the web domain. So for your website to enjoy an increase in positions, one must take certain factors associated with the link-building strategy into account.

Analyze your link profile: before starting to get links, it is essential to know the point you create. Various Tools will allow you to quickly understand the Page Authority (PA) and the Domain Authority (DA). Others more specialized will help you decipher if your current link profile is optimal or needs to be improved.

Look at what the competition is doing: it is possibly one of the tasks that will bring us the most benefits. Detecting competitors with good organic visibility and selecting those whose link profile allows them to have a good authority will give us many clues to know the leading websites or directories we have to contact to get a back link.

Make a selection of domains to get quality links: Without a doubt, one of the most critical points when opting for a link-building strategy is to get links from websites with good domain authority and that deal with topics similar to the one of your website. In addition to getting sponsored links -and therefore, in most cases, paid- from general or specialized digital media, the next great niche to get quality links are directories -among which you can also find free and paid.

Insert links manually and progressively: compared to the previous reign in which links were the kings of SEO, at a time when black hat techniques were widespread and after the arrival of Google Penguin in 2012 to fight against links Spam and low quality, current link building strategies are based on manual and progressive link attainment. Although there are programs and tools to get links in bulk, Google’s algorithm is fully capable of detecting this type of “fraudulent” action that could be penalized.

Distinguish between Follow, no follow links: while the “no follow” links are those that point to our website without Google crawling them and taking them into account to score points and increase domain authority, the “do follow” links are the ones that more will help to position, since the web from which it links, will transfer a part of its Page Rank to us, and, therefore, we will gain greater domain authority. However, having a natural link profile is essential, so it is recommended to have both types of links in an excellent link-building strategy.

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