What is Miya Houston’s age? Details of Marques Houston’s wife and age difference explored as the couple had their first kid

On December 2, singer Marques Houston and his wife Miya Dickey welcomed their first child, a girl named Zara. Houston told Us Weekly that his wife, Zara, picked the name because she found it fascinating. He said that Dickey insisted on giving their daughter a unique and unusual name. Houston and Dickey are first-time parents and report that it’s an unusual experience for both of them. He made the point that the fact that they are too tired to babysit their friends’ children is a constant reminder that they are parents themselves.

Marques Houston And His Model Wife Welcome Baby Zara

Marques came to Instagram early on the morning of December 8, 2021, to share the joyous news that he and Miya had become parents to a baby girl whom they had given the name Zara. He did not provide her with the exact day that she was born; however, he did tell her that she was born in the spring. He seems to be gently stroking his newborn child in the picture of them together. He gave the photograph the title “My Heart.” Since not one of them had even hinted at or suggested being pregnant, the news of the baby came as an absolute shock to all of them.

Miya Dickey and Marques Houston’s age gap explored

Miya Dickey did not get married to Marques Houston until she was 19 years old; the ceremony is scheduled for 2020. Houston shared that his wife was 45 on Instagram on June 2020. In 2020, Miya will be 20, while her husband or wife will be 40. Between the two of them is a 20-year generation gap. Due to the couple’s age gap, they have received criticism. Therefore Dickey and her partner have opted to keep their pregnancy a secret.

Marques Houston-Miya Dickey relationship timeline

At a 2018 Jehovah’s Witness conference, according to Marques Houston, he met Miya Dickey. Chris Stokes, Houston’s manager, and his daughter formally presented them. After dating for just five months, the couple got engaged in 2019. Others didn’t approve of their dating one other, and some even questioned whether Houston was old enough to legally date Dickey. Houston said on Instagram that his personal life should not be discussed in light of current events. He explained that this wasn’t movies or TV but his future wife and immediate family.

In 2020, Marques Houston and Miya Dickey wed at Eagle Glen Golf Club in Corona, California. Few people were able to make it because of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, recording artist Major showed up unannounced. The singer and actor Houston is a household name. In particular, he is well-recognized for his role as Roger Evans on the Sister, Sister TV show. As everything goes on, Dickey has become a household name thanks to the internet and is now linked to famous people. They estimate her wealth at roughly $50,000.

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