What is Performance Analysis and Why Study It?

In short, performance analysis is observing, recording, and dissecting every aspect of a game or training session. If this sounds too simple to be true, you are correct. The actual process is more complicated, requiring knowledge of techniques, software, and the rules of the game. Before you select this career path, it is best if you fully understand what it is and why you should consider it.

What is Performance Analysis?

We already mentioned the role analysts play in summary. However, the method is complicated and technical. They take footage and explain how the tactics worked. The objective is to use the data to optimize strengths players have and improve on weaknesses. Through the use of programming language and database software, charts are made to help the coaching staff procure the best performance from the athletes.

Knowledge Necessary

Performance analysts must know how to dissect statistics and create quantitative feedback. Therefore, they must have a firm understanding of these areas:

  • Communication
  • Data Analysis
  • Video editing
  • Database knowledge (SQL, Excel)
  • Programming knowledge (R, Python)
  • PowerPoint knowledge
  • Rules and regulation of the game
  • Writing

We have mentioned the databases most teams use to store data. However, there are other tools and resources available to help sportscasters including:

  • Opta
  • GPS
  • Tracking systems
  • Health monitors

These tools allow each play to be tracked for different aspects. They help make play changes but also assist in the prevention of injury. You see how players move with different play calls, and whether adjustments to counter the strengths of the opposing team are needed. The coaching staff demand top-notch accurate information to make sure the decisions they make are sound.

The Setup of Performance Analysis

While games or training sessions are ongoing, there are two ways performance analysts gather data. The first is with a setup that includes a laptop connected to a video camera aimed at the player you are tracking. The second part is watching other video feeds and pulling that information. Many analysts will watch games online at sites, like 먹튀 먹튀폴리스, to cull the data from opposing teams. It is daunting, so many will find a setup that works while they are in college getting their bachelor’s degree.

Specialization Courses

Obtaining a degree in communication or data analysis is necessary, but specializing in sportscasting is highly desired. These courses include practical sessions and field practice to use the programs and software available. You will also be given resources to find work experience for your resume. Becoming involved in the athletics department at the university level will teach you the ins and outs of what the coaching staff is looking for when it comes to data analysis. They are more patient than professional sports and strive to help you succeed as well. The goal is to create an environment that allows your interpretation to become second nature to you. However, the best part is you get to enjoy your passion for sports while being paid.

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