What is the Cause of the Death of Bloods gang’s leader T. Rodgers?

T Rodgers, who was in his sixties when he died, was the first notorious gang leader and the founder of the West-Side Black P Stones Nation Bloods gang in the Los Angeles area. T Rodgers died aged 65. No one had come forward to reveal the cause of his passing when he passed away in August 2021. It is believed that he passed away on August 19, 2021, while the circumstances for his passing are unclear. After the news of the leader’s passing was extensively circulated through social media platforms worldwide, many people used the opportunity to share their condolences and pay their respects to him. OG T. Rodgers was one of the first members of the Rodgers family.

Who Was T. Rodgers?

Looking at his history, we can see that T. Rodger spent most of his childhood in the tenements on the South Side of Chicago, specifically in the area surrounding 47th Street. At the age of 12, when he had grown up to that age level, his mother took him to Baldwin Hills, a jungle on the Westside of Los Angeles where all kinds of illegal activities were going place. She did this when he had reached the degree of maturity required for that age. Many of the concerns and problems he faced in connection with his gang were known to him, just as they were to all of the other young men.

After receiving a licence from Main 21 and serving himself in a number of gang movies as well as a television reality show called Baldwin Hills, T Rodger established a chapter that came to be known as the “Almighty Black P Stone Nation.” In addition to being one of the most significant personalities in the history of the criminal underworld, he was also a writer, a producer, a humanitarian, a mediator, a musician and poet, an advisor, a diplomat, a trainer, a visionary, and a director, amongst other things.

Cause of Death of T. Rodger

After this brief disagreement between Young Thug and the Game, T Rodgers, a founder member of the Almighty Black P. Stone Blood Nation, was also engaged in the settlement. Since the creator of the company passed away, the circumstances surrounding his death have remained a mystery. However, it has been claimed that he had been experiencing health problems and had had a kidney transplant on August 10th, 2006. He had just uploaded a picture of his daughter, who was 25 years old and had just been diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia. It has been theorised that this may have been the true reason for his death as well. Fans and co-workers alike have started paying homage to the great for his peaceful soul in the aftermath of this awful news, and we, too, would like to pay our respects to his spirit and wish that it is able to rest happily in peace for a long time to come.

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