What to Do When You Do Not Have Enough Time to Prepare for a Move

Moving can be a tiresome task especially if you have got a shortage of time. However, it can be said without an ounce of doubt that prepping your mind is of utmost importance before actually doing a task. The trustworthy movers at iMoving.com state that keeping your mind and surroundings clean before kicking start the process of moving is an inevitable function. 

Be organized

Since you have a little time on your hand, it’d be better if you list things out and be organized. Articulating a to-do list will make it easier to chuck off tasks as you get them done. As you will see that the number of chores reducing, it’ll also give you a sense of relief and act as an incentive to expedite the work and be more productive. Broadly charting out the kind of stuff that needs to be packed at the earliest can help expedite the process. You can also possibly list and buy all the material that’ll be required through the process in bulk so that there’s no inconvenience that can hinder the process.

Do bookings and paperwork in advance

In case you’re planning to seek professional help then you need not be worried about the availability of vehicles needed during moving. But if you are planning to do things on your own then booking everything in advance should top your to-do list. Also, make sure that you’re through with the paperwork.

Making arrangements for dependent ones

Laying out arrangements for those in the family who are dependent on you counts as a priority task. Pets, kids, or the elderly in the family who need special assistance shall be looked after at first or so that their presence does not hamper or slow down the process. One cannot stress enough on the importance of careful planning as it can only be extremely advantageous on the actual days of moving.

Keep it chromatic

In order to make things easier for yourself label your stuff on the basis of varied parameters and sub-parameters. You can color-coordinate your stuff on the basis of utility, fragility, spillage, ownership, emergency use, etc. Things like chargers, power banks, and other electronic gadgets can be kept handy in big clear packets. You can use sticky notes that are easily available and allow you to scribble on them. This way you can make work easier for your own self as well someone who is assisting you.

Divide and make it uncomplicated

Being a one-man army can often be troublesome. If you are not planning to hire professional services of movers then you can certainly ask your relatives and friends to escort you in the process of moving. You can sit and divide tasks on a voluntary basis. It increases proficiency and gives a sense of charge to every man on the ground. This can also potentially decrease the room for error for every task.

Swear by cleanliness

While working on packing and moving from your old residence to new, do not overlook the importance of leaving your old abode clean. In order to keep things easier for your own self, keep cleaning your surroundings clean whilst having to do other stuff. It’ll only keep you energized and motivated as no one can be extremely productive in a cluttered space. It can also be advised to keep things that can help you keep your surroundings clean and dusted handy at all times. 

Take small breaks

Even if you have a little time on your hand, you shall always “Disconnect to reconnect” by taking a small tea or coffee break to keep you going. A small breather or a quick 5-10 minute slow walk can help you do physical activities better. You can also lay down and listen to songs that help you unwind but make sure that the music only motivates you and does not act as a lullaby. Playing with your kids or pets can also serve the purpose pretty well. Also, it is needless to say that you need to keep a first aid kit and some chocolate treats for yourself by your side at all times.

Seek professional help

Having a numbered days to move is a good enough reason to seek assistance from those who excel at it. Professional movers can plan and make the whole moving process easier for you. If you do not mind burning a little hole in your pocket then this might as well be the best alternative possible for you. Movers might charge you a little extra for the short notice but they can guarantee to make the process hassle-free and easy.

One can also say that slow and steady always wins the race so be patient and efficient while moving. Do not panic as it will only delay the whole process and leave you with no energy to unpack or settlein your new abode. When you would unload the stuff do not forget to give yourself the whole credit and a hug.

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