When does Season 8 of Southern Charm start? Details about the Bravo reality show’s release date, Kathryn’s 30th birthday, and many more discussed!

This week marks the beginning of a fresh new season of the reality television show Southern Charm, which airs on the Bravo network. On Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 9 PM ET, the first episode of Season 8 will air. The new season, which has both returning cast members and fresh faces, is set to be more dramatic and fascinating than the last. The last episode of Season 7 aired on January 21, 2021, over a year after it was cancelled.

Members of Season 8 of Southern Charm

Craig Conniver, Leva Bonaparte, Austen Kroll, Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, and Madison LeCroy will be back for Season 8 of Southern Charm. It has been announced that Marcie Hobbs, Olivia Flowers, and Chleb Ravenell will join the cast of Charleston as regulars. This season also features the return of Naomie Olindo, as well as more screen time for Taylor Ann Green and Venita Aspen.

Details about the premiere of Season 8 of Southern Charm

Great Ex-Pectations will be the title of the first episode of Southern Charm Season 8, and it will showcase the usual cast members interacting with fresh conflict. A party for Kathryn Dennis’s 30th birthday, to which the whole ensemble is invited, will also be included in the pilot. A sneak peek showed that Craig informed Austen that his ex-girlfriend Madison would be at the birthday celebration. It then cuts to an uncomfortable embrace between the exes. Shep, Craig, and Austen were featured in another sneak peek video discussing Naomi, Madison, and Kathryn.

After seeing Madison at the party, Craig informed the lads that Kathryn did not like Naomi. Shep questioned Craig, “Did you and Naomi have any sexual encounters the last time you two were together?” and the Southern Charm actor said, “yes,” shocking Austen. According to the official description for the first episode of Season 8, “The Charleston Crew is Back and Ready for a Fresh Start,” the cast and crew return to the city after a year of turmoil. Kathryn organises a party for her 30th birthday to celebrate a new decade and a fresh start with a new partner at her side, but not everyone is willing to accept her offer of reconciliation. It claims that Austen is looking for someone fresh to replace Madison while Shep and Taylor are busy playing house.

Craig is committed to his flourishing pillow business and summer love, but a renewed interest in an old romance might derail his plans. It will be shown that both Naomi and Craig have moved on with their lives. The latter is seeing Season 8 guest star Paige DeSorbo, who stars in the Summer House series. Furthermore, in the most recent season of Summer House, Craig played the role of DeSorbo’s lover. DeSorbo was seen yelling at him for spending time with his ex-girlfriend Naomi in one of the previews. Starting Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, viewers may tune in to Bravo to see all the action.

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