Where can I buy the LaMelo Ball x PUMA MB,01 “Be You” trainers?

The German sports brand PUMA and the American basketball player LaMelo Ball have teamed up again to surprise the trainer community with an out-of-this-world version of their recently redesigned PUMA MB.01 model. The name of the next trainer is “Be You,” and it has a rainbow of colors. The well-known team made its debut earlier in 2022 with its “Rick and Morty,” “Galaxy,” and “Team Colors” versions, all of which wowed sneakerheads from all over the world.

The LaMelo Ball x PUMA MB.01 ‘Be You’ footwear edition will cost $125 and go on sale on July 29, 2022. Customers can buy these items from PUMA’s online retailers and several carefully chosen stores.

It was covered with overlays that looked like the galaxy

The new colorway is called “Galaxy,” and it has colors similar to those of the edition that came out before. In the most recent version, on the other hand, the two parties decided to go with a brighter color with neon accents all over. The latest version of LaMelo Ball’s signature trainer takes design cues from earlier versions. PUMA explains it as follows:

The ending of MB.01 Be You is amazing and as unique as its creator. It was made by putting together the things in each LaMelo Ball drop. A shoe that is out of this world and full of creativity is made with a mix of cutting-edge materials, colors, and designs that stand out. Each side of the shoe, both the left and the right, has a different rainbow pattern, and the words Not From Here DNA are written on these shoes just like they are on everything else in LaMelo’s collection. In this rainbow palette, you can tell the difference between green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, and pink. The way these colors are put together makes it feel like you’re going on a trip through the universe.

The toe box is made of high-quality mesh and is split down the middle so that each half has a different color. One pair of shoes has orange mudguards around the toe boxes, and the other has yellow mudguards.

The color scheme used for the mudguards is also used for the tongue flaps. These tongues have tags sewn onto them that say “1 of 1,” which makes them stand out. These tags are closer to the necklines. After that, thick orange laces tie up the top of the shoes.

The labels are put on the bottom of the shoes

The whole midsole of the pair is made of NITRO foam, which gives the shoes more responsiveness, comfort, and lighter overall weight. Because of this, it is a great choice for players who like to play quickly and with a lot of energy.

A complete non-slip rubber composition is also used to give the product a better grip and last longer. These upgrades are great for spot jumpers and quick cuts in the middle of the action. PUMA shows how important the unique monomesh is by emphasising the fact that it is breathable and very light.

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