Which Kind of IPTV to Choose, or How to Watch IPTV Over the Internet?

It is unnecessary to buy satellite TV to watch many good quality channels. You can also get by with Internet TV. Choose an iptv reseller, subscribe to it, and you’re all set to binge-watch everything you want to your heart’s content!

You can watch channels with the help of the Internet on different devices:

  • Directly on the TV with the Smart TV function
  • On an Android TV set-top box
  • On a media player (for instance, a Dune HD)
  • On a satellite receiver with IPTV functionality
  • On mobile devices (phones, tablets)
  • On your computer

The advantages of IPTV are as follows:

  • Access to online video stores with plenty of channels, movies, and shows.
  • Ability to order delivery of a hard drive for digital recording.
  • Ability to watch programs that have already been shown on television.
  • Improved picture quality with high resolution.
  • Interactive use for shopping, mail, and music.

Here are some disadvantages of IPTV:

  • You need to have access to DSL and an IPTV provider who can serve you.
  • You need an IPTV set-top box.
  • Internet bandwidth must be sufficient for IPTV to work.
  • There are unresolved information security issues. Providing IPTV users’ data to various companies is not regulated by law.


There are several ways to watch free TV channels over the Internet, but it depends on the device you’ll use for that. TVs or Android STBs have more options. You can install one of the many apps with free channels.

The second way is to watch TV channels via playlists in m3u format. For that, you’ll need any program that supports playlists. The playlist is loaded into the program in any way (it’s easier via a USB drive), and you can watch channels. Where to get an m3u playlist? Only on the Internet on various forums. The biggest disadvantage of this kind of viewing is instability and possible loss of channels. So if you think it’s too difficult or do not have time, read on. Playlists usually live from a few days to half a year.


To have a better viewing experience, use pay-per-view. You only need to install a corresponding application and download your playlist. Then you only need to keep track of payment and enjoy watching. Servers that provide paid IPTV channels are numerous. Some charge a fixed fee per month, and some charge by the minute.

Stalker Portals

A stalker portal is a bundle of IPTV channels in one link that one can view on some Android devices and satellite receivers. Usually, stalker portals work for free at first, but they start charging viewers when their number is big enough. It is hard to find a portal that remains free for more than half a year.

We warn you that IPTV requires good Internet speed (not less than 5Mb/s). Problems can appear in the evenings when your Internet provider has a peak load. Also, watching multiple TVs at the same time can be problematic.


IPTV is the best option for those who love watching TV. For a small fee, the subscriber gets a lot of functions and features and plenty of movies, series, and shows. It’s great for individual and family watching.

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