Which Online Scratchcards Are Based on Movies & TV Shows?

With online scratch cards becoming one of the most popular parts of online casino websites, it should come as little surprise that recent years have seen them enter into spheres relating to popular culture. This is in a bid to capitalize on its popularity and also to further increase their own as time passes. Here are some of the best ones based on movies and TV shows.

Well-regarded providers give us a vast range of themes when it comes to scratch cards, whether they are related to a specific show or not. Paddy Power specifically bring together the best scratch cards online to uphold their reputation within the online casino world. In addition, they provide handy guides for first time players, and online scratch cards represent one of the easiest and most convenient games out there, be it for first-timers or experienced players. The very nature of scratch cards allows players to enjoy the games at their own pace, as opposed to being pressed to make decisions in the more traditional games of blackjack and roulette.

When it comes to those based on movies and television, there are plenty of options to choose from. In terms of those relating to television shows, the most popular adaptation is arguably Deal or No Deal, based on the popular TV show. It has, over the years, seen multiple versions in both the worlds of handheld gaming and in casino games, be it in online scratch cards or slots which is testament to one of Britain’s most recognizable game shows. Linking this back to the premise of online scratch cards, the original Deal or No Deal game was built on the premise of suspense, given the opening of different boxes and the Banker’s ominous phone calls. When it comes to scratch cards, there lies a similar sense of suspense when players scratch off the film to reveal any potential winnings. You can also try joker slot.

Relating this to movies, recent years have seen productions such as Rocky and King Kong enter the sphere of the scratch card world. It is, as expected, inspired by the iconic film series starring Sylvester Stallone, but also comes with a few little multimedia extras designed to make it different from traditional scratch cards. The Rocky scratch card offers the ability to face off against some of the titular character’s biggest foes, be it Apollo Crews or Ivan Drago, and after the fighter has been picked, there’s the opportunity to watch classic clips from the movie. If someone wins then there are special mystery prizes to claim, otherwise the game lasts for three rounds before finishing.

There’s also a scratch card based on the Peter Jackson-directed King Kong movie which is in itself a remake of an older production. Much like the Rocky scratch card, the King Kong equivalent employs multimedia elements to make the game more exciting. It also features key characters from the movie as the hidden symbols underneath the individual panels which makes for an interesting surprise as the game progresses, as does the potential £1 million jackpot.

It’s definitely fair to say that with the tie-ins based on movies and TV shows that online scratch cards are some of the most exciting games that online casinos have to offer. Moreover, with the technological advancements that the wider scene has experienced, it has raised the game of online scratch cards and increased the scope of what’s possible to make the games even more exciting. 

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