Which Style Frames will look smart on you?

Lost when it comes to finding the perfect pair of frames? Fear not, we have the ultimate face shape guide and a few suggestions as to what you should be looking for when you start shopping. SmartBuyGlasses offers quality cheap glasses online with easy filtering and shopping tools to help you discover your next pair!

Oval Face

Oval faces are characterized by their rounded forehead and chin, often both of equal width and length. Known for being the most versatile face shape when it comes to styling frames, you can really sport whatever you wish. Your well-proportioned features and symmetry are perfect for venturing out and trying nearly all frame styles. Go bold with a pair of sharply angled square frames with a thick rim, or a dainty wireframe with a cat eye design. The world is your oyster, but do be aware that your frame should be as wide as the widest part of your face.

Round Face

Think you may have a round face shape? Known for being as wide as it is long, this shape has its widest point at the cheekbones and features a round, full jaw. With this in mind, seek out angular shapes like square, rectangle, or geometric. The sharpness of the angles will accentuate what you naturally have.

Square Face

A common shape, the square is iconic for its prominent and defined jawline. This face shape has equal proportions of width and length. You will find that this shape has its widest part at the cheekbones and a defined square forehead. We suggest this shape to shop for round frames with softer curves to contrast the angular lines of the face.

Oblong Face

An oblong face has unique proportions that make this a stand-out look. Known to be longer than it is wide, this face shape has a forehead, cheekbones, and jawline that are all the same width. The jawline specifically is very soft, with this shape you should look for styles with deeper frames over wide frames. We also suggest avoiding frames with sharp geometric design elements. Oversized square or round frames are going to be golden for you.

Heart/Triangle Face

What a lovely face! Heart-shaped faces are known for their sharp narrow chins and jawline. Other key features of note are the proportions, the face is slightly longer than it is wide, with the widest point at the forehead, sometimes with the same width as the cheekbones. With natural features like these go for frames with a wider bottom and to avoid top-heavy frames. Browline frames might not be your bread and butter, but thin wire pilot-shaped frames are going to look incredible.

Diamond Face

Shine bright with the perfect frames for your diamond-shaped face. Characterized for its unique proportions and geometry, this face shape is slightly longer than it is wide, with the widest point at the cheekbones. What gives this face shape a “diamond” shape is the tapering at the forehead and narrow, and often sharp jawline. With this face shape, explore frames with a heavy browline that is wide on the upper portion, as this will contrast a narrow forehead. Consider shopping for frames with softer curves and colors. This will accentuate the natural geometry of the face.

With all of the specifics for each face shape in mind, it is important to remember these design and style tips while you shop! Horizontal lines tend to widen a look, whilst vertical lines elongate. Two opposing forces in the visual and design world are angles and curves. Angles add sharpness and definition, particularly great for contrasting a softer look. On the opposite side of the spectrum are curves adding softness, and a round shape can be great if you have a geometric look. Be unafraid of what is out there and dare to be bold with your frames.

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