Who assaulted Chappelle Post-tackle video shows an attacker’s fractured arm

On May 3, a crowd member got physical with comedian Dave Chappelle during a show he was doing in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. It was said that the man came onto the stage and beat up the 48-year-old stand-up comic very hard.

The incident happened during Chappelle’s second set at the Hollywood Bowl’s ___Netflix Is A Joke Fest. After Chappelle was attacked, many videos were put on the internet showing how he was attacked and fell on stage during the show.

After a while, the actor from the 1998 movie Half Baked joked about the attacker being a transgender man. This speech referenced what Chappelle had said earlier in the event about how transgender people made him feel attacked because of his Netflix special. The statement was made as a reference to what had been saying before. The discussion started in October 2016.

Dave Chappelle’s attacker – What did he do with his life?

Reports say that the incident happened after Chappelle had finished his comedy routine and was back on stage to promote his new podcast. The person who did what happened then went on stage to talk to him. The attacker was then caught by the comedian’s security guards, who led him away from the stage.

On Wednesday, several newspapers said that the person who did it was Isaiah Lee, who lived in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) records show that Lee was held with a $30,000 bond. After some time, he was taken to the hospital so that his wounds could be treated there. When he was found out, the 23-year-old man was staying at a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

Before they could get the intruder off the stage, Chappelle’s security team beat and stomped on him, as seen in a few videos that seem to have been taken by people in the audience. The person in question was taken out of the event on a stretcher after some time had passed. It looked like his hand was broken. On top of that, he was hurt in different places, including his face.

Suspect by the police

The Los Angeles Police Department told NBC the next day that the suspect was carrying a replica gun. On the other hand, the weapon had a blade that could be pulled out and used to hurt Dave Chappelle. They also said they didn’t know if the person meant to hurt the comedian while they were on stage. After the event, a video of the aftermath of the attack showed how Chappelle’s security beat the guy badly backstage while the comedian kept talking to the crowd.

Dave Chappelle joked about what happened and said that the person who attacked him was a transgender man. He left the stage after that and said this when he returned: “Later, comedian Chris Rock walked to the stage and laughed with the crowd about it.” He left backstage after that. Rock said, about Will Smith’s slap at the Academy Awards 2022, that actor Jamie Foxx and Chappelle’s security team came to the stage during the event to save the comedian. The security team for Chappelle was there to help him. In a public statement, Chappelle told the actor how much he appreciated his help.

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