Who is Alena Yildiz? The model says she was excluded from a friend’s wedding for looking “too lovely”

A friend’s bridesmaid said she was disinvited because she looked “too nice” in the outfit the bride had picked out for her. Alena Yildiz, a 21-year-old model from Heidelberg, Germany, told the story on TikTok this month.

The model’s viral video rejection from the wedding

On December 13, she released a video on YouTube that has now amassed over 10 million views, in which she said, “My close friend excluded me to her wedding because she believed I looked too lovely in the outfit she bought for me.” Still shot some fire photographs in it, however,” the video’s description reads, showing more photos of Yildiz wearing the garment. Before her friend stated she felt upstaged, Yildiz told Insider that she was one of five women who had been asked to be bridesmaids for the wedding in early December. All of our other friends wore lavish gowns too, but she just had an issue with me, so she said that’s why she picked out this one for me.

A bridesmaid dress is worn by a model

According to Yildiz, she spent over $1,360 on the blue and brown Albina Dyla gown, while the bridesmaids spent around $600 on their dresses. Thigh-high side slits and a corset with a mermaid neckline and leaf details characterized this tulle gown. The model said that she had sent a video of herself in the gown to the bride, the identity Yildiz did not want to reveal before the wedding. Yildiz said she phoned me and expressed her concerns that my clothing drew too much attention to itself. ” After our phone conversation, she stopped inviting me. Since she picked out the clothing herself, I couldn’t understand why we got into an argument about it, “she responded. To add, Yildiz thought that if the bride was so anxious, she would have worn a different attire.

A follow-up to the video that went viral

Yildiz posted a follow-up video to TikTok on December 13, claiming to describe what her friends, including the bride, texted her about the dispute. Yildiz uploaded approximate translations of the German remarks in the video’s comments. Yildiz said she did not attend the wedding because she had a quarrel with her friend and there was not enough time to get a new outfit. She went on to say that she and the bride were no longer friends but still found the news of her departure painful.

After years of planning, Yildiz finally saw her friend marry the man of her dreams. She explained that the bride had contacted her after seeing the TikTok video to continue their argument. Yildiz noted that brides had the right to make demands, such as requesting that no one else wear white to the wedding, but she advised others to adequately convey their requirements to prevent misunderstandings such as this one. Competition and envy, she said, lead to nothing but “toxic” relationships.


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