Who is Alex Hook? Ukrainian soldier declares he’s alive in viral TikTok following death rumors

By uploading a video to TikTok, Alex Hook, a Ukrainian soldier, put an end to reports circulating online that he had been killed while engaged in combat with Russian forces. A great number of people have been utilizing social media to collect money for charitable causes and to provide information to those who are being affected by the situation in Ukraine and Russia. It was believed that Alex Hook, a Ukrainian solider who also developed the app TikTok for his daughter, had died as a result of the battle in the Donbas area. But today, Hook has shared with his army of loyal supporters the news that he is alive and well.

Who is Hook Alex? 

Alex Hook has been using TikTok to create films that he can send to his daughter and family to watch and enjoy while he is away serving in the military since December 2020. Filming himself throughout his service in the military, he often participates in training with other Ukrainians. Fans of Alex’s from all around the world, particularly in Australia and South America, have reached out to him with words of encouragement and prayers to help him through this difficult time. As of the time this article was written, he has managed to amass 2.7 million followers on the site.

The Ukrainian soldier has confirmed that he is still alive

Alex Hook, a soldier serving Ukraine, came to TikTok on the 28th of February in order to put an end to reports that he had been killed in combat. In a video that was just six seconds long but had over 1.3 million views, he gave his followers the assurance that he was still alive and that he would continue to fight for Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine, and many thanks to the brave fighters who helped make this victory possible.

When Alex failed to post any new content for an extended period of time, speculation began to circulate that he had died dead. In addition, there were reports that a Ukrainian soldier had been killed in the Donbas region on Wednesday, which increased people’s concerns for his safety. According to information provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, pro-Russian separatists in the area have violated the ceasefire 96 times. A great many of Alex’s devoted followers expressed their joy at learning that he was, in fact, still alive and in good health. Bless the Lord.

It appears as if everything is going to be all right. One user on TikTok stated that many of us were terrified. Thus it is important to maintain your composure. Be cautious. One of his followers verified that he used TikTok to convince his daughter that he was doing well by posting videos on the platform. Another one of your admirers went to Twitter to express their relief that you are still with us. We all will continue to pray for him and his family members. 

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