Who is Angela Tramonte? A Massachusetts lady dies hiking with a Phoenix officer she met on Instagram, Details discussed

In Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday, July 30, Angela Tramonte, age 31, and off-duty police officer Dario Dizdar went on a hike up Camelback Mountain. After two months of Instagram messaging, the couple finally agreed to meet. Unfortunately, things did not go as expected on the date. While on a trek in Arizona, Tramonte was declared dead less than 24 hours after his arrival. After discovering inconsistencies in Dizdar’s account of the incident, her friends seek justice. Tramonte’s pals were concerned since Dizdar has a history of lying on the job. Dizdar, according to The Daily Beast, deceived Arizona authorities in 2009 about his identification during a criminal investigation.

What happened to Angela Tramonte?

Angela Tramonte, a hiker and fitness fanatic, reportedly set off with Dizdar in the morning. On the day of the climb, the temperature in Phoenix reached 104 degrees, which caused Tramonte to feel uncomfortable and caused him to return to the car park while Dizdar completed the trek. Dizdar was able to complete the trip. Fox 10 Phoenix reports that they have gotten the police report. During the climb, the witness informed police that Ms. Tramonte decided to turn around and have him continue to the peak so she could snap images to post on social media. They decided to meet at the vehicle later on. Dizdar has reported Angela Tramonte as missing. She went missing, so the police and fire department searched for her on the path. The body of Tramonte was eventually discovered on the mountain’s northeastern slope.

Friends are in shock at Tramonte’s death

In their opinion, Tramonte’s death was suspicious. Stacy Geradi, a friend of hers, told WBZ-TV that if you notice someone in difficulty hiking up a mountain because they aren’t feeling well or are weary, you should help them. What’s the point if you don’t help her back down? To what end would you bother walking back up? It just doesn’t add up. Melissa Buttaro, one of Tramonte’s other friends, said that she had been told that the deceased woman usually carried a water bottle with her, which would indicate that the circumstances surrounding her death are suspicious.

Explanation of the circumstances behind Angela Tramonte’s death

Buttaro started a GoFundMe to help Angela Tramonte, a friend of hers who was wrongfully accused of a crime. This fundraising effort has two main goals, transporting her remains back to Massachusetts, where she was born and raised, and covering the costs of her burial. The GoFundMe page explains that after being lost for hours, her body was discovered and tested for heat stroke. Angela was someone who had a highly healthy and busy lifestyle. It was her daily ritual to go to the gym first thing. She was very concerned with her diet and drank gallons of water daily. And she adored her daily walks with her dog, Dolce. The GoFundMe also said several contradictions existed in the reported timeframe of Tramonte’s death. Phoenix police are still investigating the death of Angela Tramonte. However, it is thought that no foul play was involved at this point.

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