Who is Avani Reyes? TikToker successfully raised enough money to get treatment in LA

Everyone with access to the internet knows by now about the “Gorilla Glue Girl” scandal, which began when a lady named Tessica Brown decided to use Gorilla Glue instead of her customary hair spray. This choice ultimately led to her undergoing a hair-saving operation in Los Angeles. Another TikToker, Avani Reyes, went to the hospital after saying she “accidentally” put the strong glue in her hair and couldn’t get it out.

Who exactly is Avani Reyes?

With over 459,000 followers, Avani Reyes is a popular TikTok maker. He recently produced videos explaining that she has no idea what to do after accidentally putting Gorilla Glue in her hair. Rayees posted many videos of herself online to describe her current situation. In one of the videos, she tries and fails to detangle her rock-hard, locked hair. Reyes said that she had tried using coconut oil to dissolve the glue but had been fruitless. In the end, she needed to travel to a hospital immediately. Avani is shown sitting in her vehicle and explains that she tried washing it off, but it wouldn’t come off, so now she has to go to the hospital to have it removed since her scalp is burning.

Users on TikTok accused her of spraying Gorilla Glue on purpose

The medical staff did nothing for me, and now I’m being discharged,’ she said. She complained, “Look at my hair; I was told to try olive oil, tea tree oil, or coconut oil to dissolve the adhesive or to chop my hair off.” Despite Brown’s demonstration that the oils were ineffective, Reyes continued to post videos of her fruitless attempts to remove the adhesive. She poured coconut oil into her hair for half an hour and then rinsed it, but the Gorilla Glue was still there.

Reyes’s revelation that she was considering creating a GoFundMe like Brown’s wasn’t shocking to those who had been following her tale. Brown managed to gather over $24,000 to cover her medical expenses, but Dr Obeng offered to remove the adhesive at no cost. Amazingly, he managed to save a good portion of her hair. On Monday, Reyes uploaded a new video in which a lady who is not identified is seen attempting to peel off the adhesive. It’s a mystery how the glue got stuck in her hair. 

Avani Reyes on GoFundMe

In a video, Reyes pleaded for support. The occurrence of this event was accidental. Please don’t tell anybody I accidentally put Gorilla Glue in my hair. She kept recording TikToks of herself clumsily detangling her glue-matted hair and trying different treatments. She even uploaded a cosmetics lesson with Bruno Mars’s smash single “Gorilla” playing in the background. Although Reyes never revealed the address of her GoFundMe page, she insisted that she had collected enough money to follow Brown’s example and get surgery in Los Angeles. She said someone had given her $3,000 to assist her in a recent tape. You all know that using this Gorilla Glue has been a process. She thanked everyone for their help.

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