Who is Brittany Dawn? Explains her husband shot their dog after it was hit by a car Details explained

After the passing of her dog Brodie, prominent fitness influencer and YouTuber Brittany Dawn has been subjected to a great deal of criticism online. The 30-year-old woman’s extensive collection of fitness videos and routines has helped her amass a sizable online following. However, her choice to share the tragic news that her dog had passed away with the whole world has angered many people.

What happened to Brittany Dawn’s dog?

On October 14, Brittany explained what had occurred to Brodie in a video broadcast on her official YouTube account. The video lasted for six minutes. She had let Brodie out of her fenced-in property, which is why he was on the road when he was hit by a vehicle. Just take a look at the extent of the damage done to him. In the video, you can hear her sobbing as she explains, “There was no way to rescue him.”

Brittany elaborates by stating that after Brodie was injured, her ex-police officer husband, Jordon Nelson hurried him inside the home, where he stayed secure. At the same time, two unknown persons kept a watch on the entry. When Brodie was struck, Brittany says that Jordon Nelson rushed him into the house. After then, she claims that Jordon shot the gun because Brodie needs protection at the time. The opinion leader said there was no way out, so her husband shot and killed the family dog to end the animal’s pain.

The influencer and her husband both get slammed on Twitter

Brittany and her boyfriend have come under fire from users of Twitter for killing their dog rather than taking him to the veterinarian. Despite her explanation of their choice by arguing that the dog was in too much pain to be saved, some individuals remain unconvinced. Someone on Twitter said, “I am so upset I have loved Brittany dawn for years but killing your dog instead of getting appropriate help???”

This person believes that Brittany was trying to seek sympathy from others by complaining about how much she missed her dog after she killed it. Following all of that, do you want other people to feel sorry for you? Someone commented, “I can’t believe Brittany Dawn allowed her husband murder their dog after it was hit by a car instead of taking it to the clinic.” What a disgusting and useless human being you are. She has turned off the feature that allows people to write comments on her video.

YouTube Star Claims Her Dog “Saved” Her Life

Brittany posted a long tribute to her dog Brodie on Instagram when he died away, reflecting on how he had helped her get through some of her worst times. Everyone who knows me and has seen me at my worst knows how much I clung to Jesus and my dog when I was at my lowest point. Because of this, I always made a joke about Jesus rescuing my dog and my dog saving me. She ended her message by telling people to shower their dogs with extra love tonight since dogs provide unconditional love that humans don’t deserve.

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