Who is Cayman Nebraska? Get to know the details of the mysterious woman dancing with Urban Meyer in a viral dance video

Urban Meyer has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. After a video of the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach dancing with an unnamed lady went viral online, he received criticism. Social media users were outraged by the viral video because they believed Meyer’s actions were wrong, especially given that he has been married to Shelley Mather since 1986. The NFL coach made an apology after the event. But the video kept going viral, and eventually, some internet detective work pegged the lady in the film as being from Nebraska, specifically Cayman. Several rumor-makers also claimed she was acquainted with Urban Meyer.

Who is Cayman Nebraska?

Cayman, Nebraska, 24 years old, is a lady from Ohio. She attended Ohio State University and now resides in Columbus, as per her Instagram profile. According to USA Today, she is employed with New Horizon Media Group, an advertising agency headquartered in Ohio. A video showing the marketing expert dancing with Urban Meyer at a pub went viral lately, and the reaction was not positive. Cayman’s mother allegedly informed the media that the scandal was wrecking her daughter’s life. In his apologies, Urban Meyer said that the altercation occurred while he and his family were dining at a restaurant when he unexpectedly ran into Cayman.

In contrast, a June 2017 social media post revealed that the latter was visiting Urban Meyer’s Chophouse with her crew for a photoshoot. Brian Duncan, a New Horizon Media Group spokesman, also confirmed the incident but said that the business was unaware of any connection between Cayman and Meyer. He revealed to USA Today that an internal probe has also been launched. In the wake of the backlash, Cayman Nebraska, who has over 13,000 Instagram followers, set her account to private. She has deleted all her social media profiles, including those on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Explaining the Urban Meyer vs, Cayman Nebraska controversy

There has been a lot of backlash on social media since a video of Urban Meyer and Cayman, Nebraska, dancing at a club went viral. The former received severe backlash for his activities, while the latter was only just outed by the cyber community. The video was shot when the NFL coach was in Ohio having supper with his family. The 57-year-old lingered in his hometown following last week’s Jaguars-Bengals game, so he could be with his grandkids. Nonetheless, his irresponsible behaviour in the pub thrust him into the center of a controversy. As for his squad, he said he was sorry for having let them down, and he begged their forgiveness.

Jaguars owner Shahid Khan has also spoken out, calling Meyer’s behaviour “inexcusable.” He said the coach would have to earn back his future respect and confidence. Urban Meyer has been under fire for his controversial choice of strength coach, Chris Doyle, who has now been linked to the Cayman Islands and the University of Nebraska. As the new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, he has likewise struggled to win over supporters so far this NFL season, with the team losing four in a row.

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