Who is Celilo Miles? The firefighter was chosen to star in the Victoria’s Secret Love Cloud ad campaign

There has been a dramatic shift at Victoria’s Secret, and the company is now putting more effort into advertising that celebrates and promotes diversity and inclusion. Love Cloud is the name of Victoria’s Secret’s newest inclusive marketing campaign. Eighteen ladies from all walks of life and with their special qualities have been chosen to be part of Love Cloud’s ground-breaking advertising campaign. Victoria’s Secret, the world’s largest lingerie company, is preparing to relaunch itself in a more favourable light by replacing the Angels with more realistic people. Under Ral Martinez’s leadership, the company has made accessibility and openness to everyone its guiding principles. Some of the people we see include Sofia Jirua, the first model with Down syndrome for the brand, and Celilo Miles, a firefighter for the Nez Perce Tribe in the Wilderness.

All about Victoria’s Secret model Celilo Miles

Miles has always been an active, outdoorsy person because of her upbringing on the Nez Perce Reservation near her birthplace in Lapwai, Idaho. However, she quickly found success as a model. I was spotted when I was 12 years old and instantly instructed to reduce weight, Miles said in an interview with Vogue. It wasn’t a good start since I was already tiny, but the conversation turned to issues with my physique and how I might lose even more weight. Miles was a high school basketball star who was encouraged to join the fire department by her older sibling. 

Miles became a member of her indigenous community’s fire department’s twenty-person crew in 2016. The first day on the crew was life-changing, and she knew immediately that she was exactly where she was supposed to be. Her main objective is to further her education and career. She said she was thankful for the profession despite having to go through intense training and stressful conditions. The fashion industry has such a fun vibe. It’s amazing to be surrounded by so much originality and to interact with such a wide variety of interesting individuals behind the scenes. Miles followed her goal and relocated to New York in 2017 to further her modelling career.

Celilo Miles was pleasantly surprised when Victoria’s Secret contacted her while she was still a resident of Idaho. I’m honestly still astonished that this occurred, Miles told Vogue. I was completely unprepared when a casting company suggested I send in my application after receiving a recommendation from them. In the interview, Miles acknowledged her thanks for the chance to work with Victoria’s Secret, adding, “I feel honoured to be a part of this.” It’s a reflection of my struggles to make it in the business and of my personal history.

The Love Cloud collection is the latest evidence of the brand’s commitment to diversity and acceptance. The line combines the classic style of the basics with modern considerations of comfort and utility. The values of acceptance and tolerance are central to it. Eighteen elderly, handicapped, and plus-sized women are featured in the ad. Yet another strong female figure, Celilo Miles, is working to spread a message of peace and individuality.

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