Who is Chris Chan? Sonichu comic creator causes Twitter uproar with new trend

Sonichu Comic Creator Leaves Twitter is popular today on Twitter. However, if you clicked on this thread because you wanted to learn more about the topic in the headline, you’re in luck: the administrator here will cover in detail the topic that’s making waves on Twitter right now, Chris Chan. As stated, Twitter often delivers viral material, including video content, images, and information that has happened and been shared on social networking platforms. This review will explain why Chris Chan was a popular issue on Twitter and why he ultimately decided to leave the platform, so those interested in learning more about him should read on.

Twitter updates from Chris Chan: Author of the Sonichu Comic Quits Twitter

Christine Weston “Chris” Chandler, 39, was a hot topic as traumatic information about her “love quest” became public knowledge. American YouTuber’s rise to fame may be attributed to her Sonichu online series. The 39-year-old had long assumed she was a guy but just came to terms with the fact that she is, in fact, a transgender woman. In 2000, she launched her career on the Internet by posting a webcomic series on her website. Unfortunately, because of her irresponsible conduct and the content of her controversial comic, she has been the target of internet harassment ever since.

Who is this Chris Chan guy?

Creator launched Sonichu online series in March 2000. She wanted to create a character like a cross between Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. In 2007, Chris Chan’s comic “Encyclopedia Dramatica” became popular on the Internet after its author was criticized for making fun of women, being homophobic, and being a narcissist and manipulator. Chris first identified as a “tomgirl” in September 2011, while she was going through a period of gender dysphoria.

Her parents were not accepting of who she was. She outed herself as transgender and changed her name to Christine in 2016. The YouTuber said she had to endure an orchiectomy because she felt her gender change after viewing so many videos at once. She came out as bisexual and also altered her gender on paper. Since she first made her internet debut, Chris Chan has been at the centre of countless scandals. She reportedly admitted to sexually abusing her dementia-stricken 80-year-old mother.

In addition, Chris Chan reportedly admitted to sexual relations with her mother on audio and chat. Chandler has reportedly been taken from her home while her mother is in the hospital for a senior care exam. After avoiding taking on any commitment in a potential relationship because she wanted her spouse to be a househusband, Chris Chan took a beating on the internet.

She went online in the last ditch effort to find love but was instead bombarded by trolls, some of whom pretended to be prospective suitors. There has been no announcement of a court date as of this writing. According to Virginia law, the assault charge may be classified as a class 5 felony, with a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. This concludes our conversation for now. We hope you find it informative. 

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