Who is Cody Padrino? Ethan Klein’s drama is revealed as he accuses Jeff Wittek’s pal of threatening him

The now-former buddy of YouTuber Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik, has been the subject of relentless trolling, which has led to Wittek’s rise to prominence in the media. The latter was supposed to have appeared on Ethan Klein’s H3H3 Podcast to discuss the former. Unfortunately, a stalker incident has necessitated the cancellation of this program. Since then, Wittek’s buddy Cody Padrino has been accused of stalking Klein, and the episode has been cancelled.

Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik, the head of the Vlog Squad, have been engaged in a one-sided internet dispute. As a result, Wittek was lifted by a crane operated by the latter. Wittek severely injured his eye in the act. There has been a great deal of strain between the two buddies. Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek was also set to make an appearance on The Roast of Bryce Hall, which included Dobrik.

Wittek, however, left the group because of purported censorship on the part of Dobrik. Klein now says that Wittek’s old pal Padrino pursued the YouTuber and his family. For a good reason, Klein explained, Jeff is not going to be on the show. I’ll just come out and tell that Jeff’s buddy, the man I was making fun of, drove into our gated neighbourhood, filmed us, and then said, Don’t try to trick me, Ethan, I have everything you need. For instance, they threatened me and my family in front of our house. According to Ethan Klein, Padrino posted evidence of the harassment on his Instagram account, including a video where the stalker can be seen zooming in on Klein’s residence and revealing his car plate.

What is Cody Padrino’s relationship with Jeff Wittek?

The 35-year-old has become a popular YouTuber and influencer thanks to his unwrapping and lifestyle videos. He now has over 175k Instagram followers. Cody Padrino launched his channel on YouTube and began uploading videos in August 2019. He has almost 40,000 subscribers now. The leader’s inspirational talks are another source of his fame. The native New Yorker went to prison due to a troubled history.

After being set free, he made a complete 180 in his life, resolving to better himself and earn his way back into society’s good graces. He’s become famous for being an expert in fitness and health, as well as a coach and supporter of holistic development. Wittek claimed in a video posted after Padrino was accused of stalking Ethan Klein that he opted not to appear on the podcast because of his and Klein’s inconsistent style of humour.

Jeff Wittek also exposed that Padrino had a mental illness and schizophrenia. Wittek also said in the film, “I think I prefer surrounding myself with individuals that have problems, and I like to assist them because I’m ill in the brain too, but a different sort.” As of the publication of this story, Cody Padrino has not responded to questions about the conflict with Wittek Klein.

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