Who is Debbie Lloyd? Johnny Depp’s nurse recounts looking for the actor’s severed finger in a messy residence, Details explored!

Debbie Lloyd, Johnny Depp’s nurse, testified in his defamation trial against Amber Heard. The nurse testified through a pre-recorded video about Depp’s missing finger. Depp and Heard’s legal dispute largely centres on the finger injury’s circumstances. Pirates of the Caribbean star claimed Heard injured him by hurling a vodka bottle at him in 2015. Nurse Lloyd and Dr Kippler were supposedly on the island with the couple. The former said that when Depp was injured, she had to go through what she described as a “messed up” residence to find his amputated finger.

The nurse claimed the home manager spotted the fingertip but couldn’t say what caused it. Lloyd said she heard “various tales from different individuals” but didn’t know the truth. Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation. The actor’s ex-wife claimed to be a “domestic abuse victim” in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed, prompting the actor’s $50 million lawsuit. Despite not naming Depp, his legal team claimed the piece hurt his career. Heard countersued Johnny Depp for $100 million, saying he abused her ten times.

Debbie Lloyd treated Johnny Depp’s drug addiction

Debbie Lloyd treated Johnny Depp for opioid addiction as his private nurse. She specializes in addiction problems and is close to him. Depp called Lloyd “Little Debbie” in court documents. At one point, the actor described the nurse as “a lifeline,” He stated that thanking her would have been impossible. Court docs showed the nurse’s medical notes on Depp. She said the star said his drug and alcohol addiction caused most of his marital problems. She said that after dental treatment, Depp suffered from depression, anxiety, and heroin dependence. Debbie Lloyd was driven to tears as her former correspondence with Johnny Depp was recounted in court.

Debbie Lloyd testified in Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard’s defamation trial

Debbie Lloyd was with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Australia following Depp’s finger injury in March 2015. Nurse Lloyd and Dr Kippler treated Depp’s opioid addiction when he filmed Pirates 5 there. Kippler said Depp contacted him about the injuries the night of the incident before Lloyd testified.

Lloyd testified that Depp’s hands were coated with “paint and filth” She claimed she went to his house to look for the finger but found a destroyed TV and writing on the walls. The nurse said Depp had “bloody knuckles” after punching a whiteboard during an argument with Heard. She also said that Heard was always trying to “instigate” Depp whenever things between them were tense. But the nurse stressed that she had never seen a violent altercation between the pair. Heard has denied hurling a bottle at Depp. She said Depp hurt his finger in a drug-fueled three-day brawl.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp said that the injuries and an MRSA infection almost cost him his life. He also claimed the disagreement was about the couple’s absence of a prenup. After contracting MRSA three times and undergoing three separate operations to rebuild my finger, He was terrified that he would lose not only my finger but also his arm and life. According to the New York Post, Johnny Depp will testify on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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