Who is Dougie B? Drill rapper arrested outside Bronx courthouse, Details Explained

Rapper and singer Dougie B was recently arrested on March 31 outside the Bronx Criminal court following an argument held in the parking lot. He was cuffed on undisclosed, and he was charged after he was in a commotion in the E. 161 st St. parking lot. Then the shooting occurred when a group of men were arguing with one another in the parking lot. Then one group of people started to chase the other group of people, and some other man pulled a gun and started to fire the shot. But no one was injured in the incident, per the police report, and no charge was filed against anyone. 

After the police confirmed the news, has believed that some types of cars were collapsing, and it was fired at one point in time even though no one was injured. Then the rapper was due in the courtroom Thursday afternoon with an unrelated shooting case. Then The woman said that the post witnessed an argument between some guys, and suddenly they heard a gunshot. After the gunshot, people in that police were shocked ad tried to escape from the place. The following will help you learn who Dougie B is and why he was arrested outside the Bronx Courthouse.   

Everything is known about Dougie B

Dougie B’s birth name is Douglas Kieshwan Shelf Whitehead, and he was a famous American rapper born and brought up in a large family. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 7, 1996. Dougie’s parents’ names are unknown because he did not share anything about his personal life. He studied in the local high school in the Bronx, and the name of the school he studied at is unknown. He is 26 years old as of 2022; he has been interested in music and will use it to listen to more music in his free time with his father.

He will listen to the music of artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Scarface, Tupa, KRS-One, Biggie, and many others. He will use it to expose the program Music Development for the Youth along with his uncle, which helped him learn the process of making songs and how to work with studio equipment. Dougie loves proceeding and producing his work towards his first beat. Dougie has worked on the songs like hike It, Don’t Trip, Forever on That, and I’m Back in 2022. Dougie estimates a net worth of $ 1.5 to 2 million as of 2022; however, his actual income and salary are unknown.

Dougie B’s recent arrest

As mentioned above, Dougie, a famous rapper, was arrested by police, and the following will help you to know more about it. The police officer did not reveal full information about the reason for his arrest. He was arrested one day after he finished recording his music videos with Cardi B in the Bronx. As per the New York Daily News report, court officers heard one gunshot near East 161st street parking at 1 pm, and at the time, court employees went to luch break. Then the court spokesman asked the court officers to run across the street, and they took many individuals into custody. Then they arrested four people in handcuffs, including Dougie B..

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