Who is Frank James? The Brooklyn Subway Shooting suspect’s YouTube account, ‘Prophet of Truth 88,’ raises concerns, Details explored!

Frank James is a “person of interest” in Tuesday’s Brooklyn Subway Shooting, which wounded over 20 people. At least ten individuals were hurt by gunshot, according to authorities, while another 13 were hurt by smoke inhalation or other means. Frank James, known as “Prophet of Truth 88,” released hundreds of disturbing films on his YouTube page, including threats against New York Mayor Eric Adams and references to subway atrocities. After the tapes were discovered and James was identified as a suspect, NYPD commissioner Keechant Sewell notified the media that security was increased for Mayor Adams.

A guy in a construction vest lobbed a smoke bomb onto the N train and opened fire, according to witnesses. The alleged shooter allegedly ran away when the train arrived at the 36th Street stop in Sunset Park. Subsequent investigation found that Frank James had driven to Brooklyn, New York, in a U-Haul cargo van he had hired in Philadelphia. The suspect’s car key was purportedly discovered at the subway shooting site. 

Who is Frank James?

Police have identified 63-year-old Frank James as a “suspicious person” in the recent shooting on the Brooklyn Subway. His locations of residence are documented as Wisconsin and Philadelphia. It was found that James is a YouTuber with over 3,000 followers on his channel “Prophet of Truth 88.” His videos, which include repeated death threats on New York City Mayor Eric Adams, are filled with racist, political, and violent commentary.

Frank James: Prophet of Truth 88

According to Rolling Stone, Frank James has a Facebook group called Prophet of Truth 88, where he releases identical films to his YouTube site. Frank called himself a “victim” of Mayor Adams’ mental health programme and “full of hatred, rage, and bitterness” in one video. The individual disclosed further personal information, including his history as a patient at a New York Behavioral Health centre for treatment of mental illness. Frank James not only expressed a desire to kill other people but also stated that mental health institutions were rife with violence.

After being released from the mental institution, he said he intended to “murder” everyone. On March 1, Frank James released a video titled “I Told You So, ” which addressed subway crimes head-on. In earlier films, James made inflammatory remarks on race and ethnicities, such as African-Americans, Jews, Caucasians, and Latinos. In one video, he said “people of colour” were waiting to be “flushed down the drain by civilization” and predicted a battle between African-Americans and Caucasians. Catherine, Frank James’ sister, claimed she hadn’t spoken to him in years and that he “kept to himself.”

What happened to Frank James?

Police officials began a search for Frank James immediately after the Brooklyn Subway Shooting, even though they had not yet confirmed his identification as the shooter. According to the police report, the U-Haul related to the shooting included the man’s clothes and personal belongings. James Essig, chief of detectives for the New York Police Department, said that the force would try to track down James and investigate all possible links between him and the incident.

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