Who is Gabriella Magnusson? Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman gets restraining order against the model, Details discussed!

After receiving threats and extortion from Gabriella Magnusson, Joel Kinnaman has sought a restraining order against her. He claimed that the model was blackmailing the actor for financial benefit by threatening to leak negative information about him. Some reports from 2018 suggest that Joel Kinnaman dated Magnusson for a short period. The star of “Suicide Squad” said that the model is now accusing the actor of having sex without her consent during their time together.

The RoboCop actor filed for an injunction to prevent Magnusson from contacting him in Los Angeles County Superior Court on August 6, 2021. TMZ reports that the court has issued a temporary limitation order. After receiving the legal threat, Joel Kinnaman posted a lengthy Instagram response. He detailed the model’s demands and said she threatened him with physical violence. He elaborated that he was obligated to seek legal assistance due to the persistent “viciousness” and “disturbing” threats.

Allegations and accusations made against the model by Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman said that Magnusson had been back in touch with him this year. He said the model had sent him obscene material and became threatening when he didn’t reply. In July, Joel Kinnaman allegedly tried to call Magnusson and try to work out a solution over the phone. The model, he said, first accepted that their fling was legal but confirmed her earlier denial during the phone conversation. In addition, the House of Cards actor said that Magnusson’s brother threatened his manager with a pistol. It was made clear that all of Joel Kinnaman’s sexual encounters with Magnusson were voluntary.

Meet Gabriella Magnusson, the ex-girlfriend of Joel Kinnaman

Bella Davis, as Gabriella Magnusson, is a Swedish-Jamaican fashion model. She has worked with 3D Models, Tier1 Model Management, and Koala Models. In particular, she has amassed a sizable online following, with over 130k Instagram followers alone. Magnusson’s Instagram profile states that she also serves as CEO of the talent management firm 48 Entertainment. The reality show “Project Runway” has featured her before. As a spokesperson, she represents the Bon Echo collective, a Swedish fashion and design firm. Additionally, she is the brains behind the booming financial services firm Lanistar.

This conflict between Gabriella Magnusson, alias Bella Davis, and Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman has been in the news recently. Recently, the latter imposed an order protecting the model from further threats and extortion attempts made by the former. In a long Instagram post, Joel Kinnaman disclosed his 2018 fling with a model. He said he and Magnusson had a mutually agreeable sexual encounter in late 2018.

But now the model is being falsely accused of threatening Joel Kinnaman. Joel Kinnaman has said that Gabriella Magnusson’s brother is a convicted criminal. As a result of his allegation, the model posted Instagram images of her exchange with the actor. Also, she said the actor lied in his statement. According to the restraining order, Gabriella Magnusson must keep 100 yard’s distance from Joel Kinnaman at all times. It’s been made clear that she’s not allowed any more contact with or harassment of the actor.

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