Who is Genie Exum? Instagram model charged with stabbing Francis Amor, Details explored!

New York police have arrested Instagram beauty, Genie Exum on charges that she stabbed her boyfriend. She gained notoriety after posting a photo of herself flashing her breasts at NYPD officers in Manhattan, which went viral online. After a furious altercation in her Midtown, New York apartment on 10th Avenue, the 22-year-old is said to have struck her boyfriend, Frances Amor. Officials said the event occurred on Monday at approximately 6:45 pm. When Genie Exum and Amor, also known as Baby Boy Pajules online, got into an argument, Exum grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Amor in the arm and back, as confirmed by the police.

Her 30-year-old partner was attacked and later staggered into the lobby of Exum’s high-end Hudson Yards apartment building, where the doorman observed his injuries and contacted the police. The doorman claimed that nothing had occurred when questioned by the prosecutor. According to a statement released by the NYPD, the victim said he was stabbed in the arm and back by a 22-year-old woman after the two got into an argument over money. Amor was brought to a nearby hospital after the incident and is expected to recover fully.

Genie Exum, the model, accused of stabbing her boyfriend

Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites see significant traffic coming from Instagram celebrities. Her Instagram feed, where she has acquired more than 34,000 followers, is filled with a steady stream of selfies. Genie Exum also has her own OF account, and in exchange for access to premium content, she demands a monthly fee of ten dollars from users of her account. Her self-description includes the phrase “free spirit from Alabama with a loud mouth and wicked mind.”

On Tuesday, the fashion model appeared before a judge in a criminal court in Manhattan. She has been taken into custody and is being held on the accusation of “assault with the intent to cause bodily injury while armed.” This is a misdemeanour, the lowest level of the felony classification. In addition, Genie Exum revealed on Instagram a story in which she can be seen laughing with an NYPD investigator while they are both in the precinct house.

 As a caption for one of her Instagram posts, she wrote the following: “Y’all, they stole my phone.” At this very moment, I find myself caught in the trap. They ended up catching up with me and throwing me in jail. Her defence attorney, Brooke Quincy Meyers of the Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, disclosed that her partner merely sustained a few minor wounds that required three or four stitches.

According to the attorney’s report, the defendant stated that he had not been stabbed. His position is that the lawsuit should not move forward. Genie Exum was granted freedom without posting a bond because she had no record of prior criminal activity. In addition, Judge Michael Gaffey has issued a ruling that prohibits Exum from having any kind of interaction with Amor. Genie Exum is scheduled to make another court appearance on December 1st.

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