Who is Ian Ousley? What is his ethnicity? Avatar actor accused of lying about his Cherokee background

Some people who watch Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix believe that the actor Ian Ousley lied about his attempt to win the role of Sokka in the casting competition. There have been rumours that he is an actor and a member of the Cherokee tribe; nevertheless, 19-year-old followers demonstrate that these rumours are false. Several people on Twitter have recently demanded that Netflix look into the actor’s stated racial identity. Ian Ousley claimed Native American origin, but official documents showed he wasn’t on a roll.

A quick search on Google revealed that the actor from 13 Reasons Why is white. This information was not hard to locate. The Twitter account known as @7genvoices went to great lengths to provide The Last Airbender fans with information regarding the actor’s racial background. They stated in an interview with The Daily Dot that they began researching Ousley’s past because they had a sneaking suspicion that he was lying about his origin.

Web queries about what is Ian Ousley’s ethnicity

To verify his heritage, the fan account looked up his name on the federal government’s officially recognized list of Cherokee tribes. This group includes the Cherokee Nation, the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It has been established by the leaders of each community that the actor is not a member of any of the three groups.

In addition, @7genvoices published a screenshot that proves Ousley is a member of the Southern Cherokee Nation of Kentucky, which is not a recognized tribe. Another accusation by the fan account is that the organization in question is a fake tribe. In addition, a petition on Change.org asked Netflix to validate the actor’s claims that he is of Cherokee descent. As of the time, this article was written, more than 334 persons had signed the petition.

When rumours concerning Ousley’s race were circulating, the Twitter user @avatarnews_ tweeted that Ousley’s friend Christabelle Marbun had asserted that the actor was white. Ousley and Marbun are Instagram pals. As a caption for one of his photos on Instagram, Marbun said, He’s not white, my friend, and he’s native and Asian. What you read on the internet shouldn’t be given too much weight in your judgment.

The controversy of lying about Cherokee background explored

In the growing online debate surrounding the actor’s ancestry, both Netflix and Ousley have chosen to remain mute. Netflix should have honesty in admitting that Ian does not come from native ancestry. Instead of making a false pretence of being culturally and ethnically respectful of the source material, Netflix should have honesty in admitting that Ian does not come from native ancestry. We are confident that the hard-working crew responsible for the upcoming live-action project will produce an exceptional show. All we need for things to go ahead is for everyone involved to be honest and open about the circumstance.

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