Who is Jenna Phillips? TikToker, who abandoned work to be a full-time puppy, fights on street

TikTok creator Jenna Phillips has recently captured the internet’s attention with a film she created showing a street brawl between dogs. On TikTok, impersonating a dog may earn its creator more than 700,000 dollars in revenue. The video has garnered 1.3 million likes on Tiktok since it was uploaded. The videos that Phillips uploads on TikTok stand out among the number of cute animal videos uploaded daily. Her films include her engaging in various dog activities, such as giving them handshakes, catching frisbees, and saving them from dangerous situations.

Who is Jenna Phillips?

Jenna Phillips, who hails from Texas and is now 21 years old, is a well-known dog actor. The creator formerly had a position as an ophthalmologist before deciding to follow his passion for canine imitation full-time after quitting his profession. The creator, who had a special place in her heart for puppies and dogs his whole life, would often act as if she were one of these animals whenever she got the opportunity. She admitted to No Jumper that she had been behaving in a canine-like manner ever since she was between the ages of eight and nine years old. During the game of fetch that she was playing with her dog, she discovered a new passion for the sport. Even Phillips put in a request to her parents for a leash to be provided. A total of 15 million individuals have liked the Tiktok account of thepuppygirljenna.

Video of a dog fight on TikTok that went viral

The video uploaded by Jenna Phillips to TikTok and the statement “Lucky I was being held back” has had over 17 million views and over 50,000 comments. In the video, Phillips can wander the street at some point. While playing the part of a dog, she is dressed head to toe in black and restrained by a leash. The person who was holding is Phillip and is also the one who filmed the clip. The fact that she wasn’t the only one who pretended to be a dog, but it turns out that she wasn’t the only one. As the camera moved around, a second woman was shown being restrained by being attached to a barrier.

However, her most recent video has gained incredible views online. The video shows Jenna moving about on all fours while having a collar around her neck as she crawls throughout the streets. It is followed by the scene where a woman is tied to a fence while costumed as a dog. The two women look at one other with anger and exchange angry looks. They are demonstrating their natural puppy anger against one another by growling and barking at one another. As Phillips and his companion continue their walk, the person holding Phillips’ leash urges them both to “keep going.” Viewers were taken aback when the video was posted on Twitter, and as a result, many expressed their surprise. On the other hand, the user was able to brighten their day by making hilarious comments.

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