Who is Kelly Rocklein? Ex-employee of YouTuber James Charles explains why she quit, Details explained

James Charles is being sued by his ex-employee Kelly Rocklein for wrongful termination and failing to pay minimum wage for overtime labour. Since news broke that he had allegedly been sexting minors, the YouTuber has been engulfed in a storm of controversy. The response was so severe that Charles’ YouTube channel and clothing lines were taken down. Even Morphe Cosmetics fired him.

James Charles used the N-word, had employees work overtime and more

James Charles is undoubtedly worrying about Kelly Rocklein’s latest lawsuit right now. She claims a concussion led to handicap discrimination, and the YouTuber didn’t make reasonable accommodations. However, a shocking accusation made by Kelly Rocklein and another source suggests that James Charles used the n-word when he was with them. The multimillionaire streamer has addressed the claims in a new video published on his Twitter on May 11th.

The insider also sought the fashion influencer’s thoughts on the ‘N-word. James Charles denied using the N-word. Kelly Rocklein claims he uttered the slur with a harsh ‘R’ around her. In a new video, James Charles admitted that Kelly Rocklein had blackmailed him. Kelly’s lawyers claimed that the 21-year-friends old’s and acquaintances made an offer to settle in order to silence the Insider report. While the makeup artist could not comment owing to the pending lawsuit, James addressed a few additional issues in his video from May 11.

Who is Kelly Rocklein?

Kelly Rocklein, an influencer, was James Charles’ producer at age 23. The official job description reflected her dual role as Creative Director and Director of Operations. The 26-year-extensive old’s interview with Insider and subsequent lawsuit indicate a wide range of duties she was expected to do in the course of her employment. They covered James Charles’ social media postings, video ideas, images and clips, and Sisters Apparel.

During her six months with Charles, Rocklein acted as his “right-hand person” in every situation. She further states that the online celebrity expanded from 2.8 million to a monstrous 8.5 million subscribers while keeping to his normal upload schedule. Kelly has worked as a creative director and producer for both Erika Costell and James Charles. In addition, Rocklein sued Costell for failing to pay salaries, but they reached a settlement in 2021. Kelly Rocklein originally sought a six-figure income with medical coverage.

As an alternative, she negotiated a salary of $5,000 per month, with the possibility of an annual bonus tied to her performance. Kelly lived in a shared room in downtown Los Angeles, and her annual income of about $72,000 was still lower than the city’s living expenditures. She says she was never compensated for all hours worked, including overtime. James Charles made it clear in his video posted on May 10 that he would be joining the case as a defendant. Even if the conclusion is up in the air, it is safe to assume that the proceedings will be time-consuming and stressful for everybody involved.

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