Who is Kevin Samuels? How did he die? Authorities confirm that he was with a nurse, Ortencia Alcantara, Details discussed!

Kevin Samuels, a popular YouTuber, died away last week at the age of 53 in Atlanta. On May 6th, Samuels was discovered unconscious in his flat. Kevin’s mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, confirmed the tragic news, saying that she discovered her son’s passing through social media. It was awful of social media to release anything like that. This is just a simple plea for prayers on our behalf. According to the police report, Samuels had a heart attack the night before after spending the night with a nurse named Ortencia Alcantara. After Kevin informed Alcantra that he was experiencing chest discomfort, Alcantra immediately dialled emergency services. But when the police came, he slumped on Ortencia and was unconscious. He was taken to Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, where he reportedly passed away.

About the nurse that stayed at the flat of Kevin Samuels

In the event of Kevin Samuels’ heart attack, Ortencia Alcantara was there to comfort him. On Thursday, a call came to Georgia police from an Atlanta residence. According to the complaint filed by Atlanta police, Ortencia visited Samuels at his apartment the night before his death and spent the night there. Even though the nurse attempted to rescue Kevin when he woke up complaining of chest discomfort, he fell on top of her, and she had to call for an ambulance. While transported to Piedmont Hospital, Alcantara asked the 911 operator to call the front desk for a defibrillator to keep Samuels conscious and to breathe.

The police arrived to find Kevin, 32, of Mexican ethnicity, unconscious and being treated by fire department personnel. Because of the reaction she received for clout-seeking and lying after Samuels’ murder, Alcantara has kept her social media pages private. The nurse offered a defence on Instagram. The lengths to which strangers will go to damage your reputation are astounding.

Despite how harsh the world might be, you should know that there are still kind individuals. Her explanation proceeded. Incredible that I should have to defend myself for doing what is right. Find a lawyer to demand they clean up this mess. A modest six-figure Midwestern lady, Alcantara concluded. There is no necessity for a one-night stand. The people closest to me, my family and friends, know I am nice. However, people are trying to hurt you with their affection.

Who is Kevin Samuels?

YouTube celebrity Kevin Samuels caused a stir when he attacked single moms, fat black women, and jobless black guys. He was condemned for calling ladies over the age of 35 “leftover women” while advising his 1.4 million members. In his podcast from last month, he remarked, “If you’ve made it to 35 and you’re not married, you’re a leftover woman.” What’s left is you. The men in your life are aware that you have a problem. What’s going to happen is as follows. If you’re a lady over 35 looking for a guy who can keep up with your lavish lifestyle, you’ll have to settle for his company. Twitter users’ reactions to Kevin’s passing have been all over the map. His followers mourned his passing, while his critics criticized his beliefs’ controversial and harsh nature.

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