Who is Kilik? Bee Family Slams Gamer Kilik for Inappropriate Comments about Gabriela Burgos, Details discussed

The Bee family responded to comments made by Kilik about their daughter, who is 15 years old, by uploading a video to their YouTube channel in which they harshly denounced Kilik’s comments. The young man, who is just 17, also responded with a video he uploaded on YouTube. When the streamer sought to explain his actions, he was greatly criticized by users of online platforms.

A detailed explanation of the controversy

Kilik is heard making obscene and threatening statements toward Gabriela Burgos in a video. Her parents, Andres and Rosanna Burgos, have documented Kilik’s transgressions in a video uploaded on YouTube. They have a channel on YouTube with over 9.46 million individuals that have subscribed to it. Their daughter, who is 15 years old, was the subject of pedophilic remarks made by Kilik, and the family decided to bring this matter to the notice of their subscribers. When the incident happened, Kilik and their son Roberto Burgos, who was 16 years old, were playing Roblox.

Kilik let it slip that he and Roberto had insulted one another’s families on several occasions when interacting, and Kilik divulged this information. In addition, Roberto was charged legally with the crime. He said the statements were harassing and regularly entered his streams. Again, he apologized and said he was sorry, adding that he had no idea Gabriela was so young.

How old is Kilik? 

To provide his side of the story, Kilik published a video on YouTube under the title “Dear The Bee Family, The Truth.” In an effort to defend his identity, Kilik asserts that he was drawn into a quarrel between Roberto Burgos and other Roblox users by accident. Burgos and the other Roblox players were involved in the conflict. Then he specified that he was merely “roasting” Gabriela Burgos with his comments by saying they were critical of her.

In his opinion, the criticisms, often known as “roasts,” should not be taken too seriously. At the very end, he responded to his viewers’ inquiries about his age. He came clean and acknowledged being merely 17 years old, despite the statements made by The Bee Family that were to the contrary. There are close to 28,000 active subscribers to the player. In addition, he claimed that Roberto had kicked him out of a Discord server.

Netizens criticize Kilik

Despite Kilik’s attempts to defend himself, the internet favored him. They shouted at Kilik, telling him that despite being just 17 years old, he should accept responsibility for his acts. To the point where Kilik claimed he was unaware of Gabriela’s age because of how upset he was. In addition, people on the internet attacked him for attempting to justify his actions by claiming that he was unaware of the woman’s age, which was a response to their criticisms.

The internet community criticized him for purportedly lacking self-control, which was another one of his flaws. Kilik posted a live session on YouTube that he had recorded despite the backlash he was getting. The devoted fans of The Bee Family insisted that he sing “Off My Self,” the name of the song given to his live show. Insider reached out to YouTube, Kilik, and The Bee Family for comment, but none of them replied immediately to the inquiry.

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