Who is Kirsten Titus? Age and personal details are explained

TikToker and video creator Kirsten Titus. Viewers check in to her daily vlogs to watch what she wore, how she reacted to a TikTok challenge, and how she dealt with a recent dating tragedy. Since Kirsten Titus recently joked in a video that she was in her forties, which caused a lot of confusion on the internet, her admirers are wondering what her real age is. Kirsten Titus is one of the most popular stars on TikTok, with nearly 8 million fans following her. Her siblings, Erika and Jake, and she have come together to establish the Titus TikTok clan, where they collaborate on videos and participate in competitions. In this video, we clear up this age-related misunderstanding and introduce you to Kirsten Titus, the newest celebrity on TikTok.

Why is Kirsten Titus’ age confusing?

A social media influencer named Kirsten Titus joked about her age in a video by stating that she was 35 years old. Many have expressed a great deal of worry and concern about this issue on the internet. Even though TikToker was making light of the situation, many of her followers took her advice seriously. Kirsten Titus seems to be in her early 20s, despite the widespread perception that she is already in her 30s. Fans are obsessed with the Titus family and follow their every move online, receiving inspiration for anything from their attire to their haircuts to how they spend their days in Hawaii from watching what the Titus family does.

The actual age of Kirsten Titus

Kirsten Titus is 24 years old, according to our records. She was born in Hawaii on September 29, 1997, and has remained there ever since, accompanied by both of her parents. This TikToker has a passion for journalism and keeping up with current events, as well as a background in public relations gained from their time spent studying at Brigham Young University. In addition, she has previous experience working in broadcasting, namely during her time as a student in the field of sports live graphics. Titus also worked as a digital product marketer in Washington, DC. In this role, she was responsible for launching app marketing campaigns and managing the company’s social media accounts. She has previously had positions at KITV4 Island News in Honolulu, Hawaii, and an internship at the BYU Museum of Art, all of which she completed.

Take a peek at the most famous family on TikTok!

The Titus family is home to several other successful TikTokers and Kirsten. Her brothers Erika and Jacob, also known as Jake, have sizable online followings. When we look at Erika and Jake’s social media profiles, we find that Erika has more than 265 million likes on her posts and over 3 million followers. At the same time, Jake has more than 5.1 million likes on his videos and around 300,000. Jake mostly publishes videos he and his sister, Kirsten, have developed together. He also posts challenges and TikTok related to cooking. On the other hand, Erika posts information about her day, including her hair and makeup routines and TikTok challenges. Since Erika wasn’t born until September 2, 2002, Kirsten is the oldest of the sisters.

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