Who is Lapattra Jacobs? Floyd Mayweather’s daughter stabbed NBA Youngboy’s baby mom Details explained!

On Wednesday, Mayweather appeared in Harris County Court in Houston, Texas, where she pleaded guilty to the more serious charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She will probably only be required to serve six years of probation in addition to paying fines and making reparations, rather than the maximum possible sentence of twenty years in jail for her crime. This is because of the nature of her crime.

After having initially admitted that she attacked Lapattra Jacobs with a knife while she was under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, Mayweather is scheduled to have her day in court on June 16, 2022. Mayweather is scheduled to have her day in court after having already admitted that she attacked Lapattra Jacobs with a knife. Even making an effort to file an appeal was too much trouble for her.

Reasons why Yaya Mayweather stabbed Lapattra Jacobs

Mayweather visited NBA YoungBoy and Jacobs’s house in April 2020 when he was 19. The grapevine claims that Mayweather told Jacobs to leave after she announced herself as the rapper’s fiancee and gave her an order to do so. Mayweather reportedly attacked Jacobs twice with two knives and stabbed him twice after getting into an argument with Jacobs in the kitchen. The argument between the two of them began when Mayweather reportedly stabbed Jacobs. As the argument went inside the kitchen,

Mayweather ended up stabbing Jacobs twice during the fight. Mayweather said that this was the first time she had met Jacobs and that the event took place when they were outside of the residence. Jacobs is said to have grabbed Mayweather’s hair at some point during the fight. Jacobs was found unconscious and lying on the floor by emergency medical personnel, but he was able to make a speedy recovery after being taken to the hospital and receiving treatment there. Mayweather was taken into custody, and Jacobs required emergency medical treatment.

YoungBoy’s ordeal consisted of being detained for a little time and then being free. This dispute between Iyanna and the government has been resolved. Thank you for your patience. According to the agreement, which was confirmed by Mayweather’s attorney Kent Schaffer, Iyanna will not have a criminal record when she has served her six years of court supervision, and the case will be withdrawn after she has completed that time period. In addition, the case will be dismissed after that period of time.

The delayed judgment will be removed from her file if she remains in good standing during the next two years since this is a condition for its removal. We believe that Iyanna was acting in self-defence when he was attacked, but we believed that this was the best way to protect her from further harm. The fact that her boyfriend and his security guards refused to testify because of their own legal difficulties is an additional piece of evidence that supports this conclusion.

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