Who is Laura Bellizzi? Paris Hilton’s New Husband Carter Reum Has a 9-Year-Old Love Child with Reality Star

Although Paris Hilton just wowed the globe with her wedding to lover Carter Reum, which was styled like a fairy tale, the internet is more preoccupied with talking about Laura Bellizzi, the mother of Carter’s love child. Page Six reports that a person with knowledge of the matter has said the venture investor was only spotted once, with his 9-year-old daughter. It has been determined that Laura Bellizzi, a native of the state of California, is the girl’s mother.

Who is Laura Bellizzi?

Laura is also a real celebrity. However, it’s possible that she doesn’t have quite the same level of personality as Paris Hilton, who is an heiress to a hotel empire. In 2010, she was a main attraction on the VH1 series Secrets of Aspen. To what extent she appeared in any other shows is unknown. Even Laura does not have an IMDb page. Shortly after becoming famous, the reality star dated Mel Gibson. In 2012, just one year after her brief reality show appearance, Laura got pregnant, and many assumed Mel was the father. Celebrities categorically shot down these rumours. Now fast forward ten years, and Page Six reports that Carter is the father of the child he was carrying. Laura’s modest profile makes it difficult to pinpoint when she began dating Carter. It is also stated in the article that Laura and her daughter now reside in California. According to Page Six, the multimillionaire VC has signed a paper admitting he is the father, despite never having undergone a paternity test.

Carter Reum’s Daughter ‘Triggers’ Wedding Coverage

According to “a source,” who wishes to remain nameless, Page Six reports that the attention surrounding Carter’s wedding has “triggered” his daughter. Carter’s daughter is not named. It was said that a second insider stated, “I cannot even begin to explain the pain that she feels.” It would seem that the author and businessman, whose net worth is now estimated at $40 million, provides financial assistance for his daughter through child support payments. The wedding took place on November 11 at the Bel Air house that belonged to Paris’s late grandpa. Carter was the best man. The newlyweds were joined in their celebration by over two hundred other prominent guests, some of which were Nicole Richie, Emma Roberts, Ashley Benson, and Kim Kardashian.

Paris Hilton Discusses Family with Husband

Even though Carter has a daughter from a previous relationship, Carter’s current wife, Paris, is eager to have a baby as soon as possible. Back in January, a lady in her forties and her fiancé made public their intention to undergo in vitro fertilisation, often known as IVF. As she said in an interview on the podcast The Trend Reporter with Mara, she could not have twins unless she used this approach. In addition, she said that Kim, the person who has been her closest friend throughout her whole life, was the one who proposed using this tactic.

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