Who is Marissa Cloutier, aka Digital Princxss? Was TikTok Star Marissa Cloutier arrested for child negligence? Details discussed

On August 25, according to a report from the Fort Myers Police Department, Digitalprincxss was arrested and charged with child abuse after neighbours reported seeing her 5-year-old son alone outside the residence. The allegation of abuse stems from the fact that the neighbours reported seeing the child alone. The allegations of child neglect brought against the star on TikTok and Twitch were dropped at the beginning of October, and she has since returned to both sites. Marissa has had problems similar to this in the past. On the Internet, the person in question was known by the name “Digital Princxss,” and Nintendo had already initiated legal action against them for violating their copyright.

Mugshot by Digital Princxss Goes Viral

On August 27th, a mugshot of Marissa and other alleged court documents was shared online and went viral. This article purported to feature information made public by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. The neglect of a kid is said to be the reason for her arrest in this document. In this shot, Marissa’s release was revealed simultaneously as her own. Since it went viral, people have responded to the message in various ways. Meanwhile, some fans were attempting to have her “cancelled” and asking for additional information.

Marissa Cloutier reacts to viral mugshots

Following the post’s initial success, Marissa decided to make her social media profiles private. On the other hand, she also shared a now-deleted TikTok video explaining what happened. Marissa acknowledged her detention in the letter but insisted that not all online reports are accurate. In the tape ultimately discarded, she can be heard saying, “Hi folks.” I felt compelled to post to acknowledge your remarks and address your concerns. The truth is, I have no intention of evading or concealing the issue.

If you are familiar with the law, you realise that I am restricted in what I can say. She went on, “I know there are a lot of things being put online, and they are very much out of context and very much wrong.” I implore you not to put too much stock in what you read online. I can’t say much more. She wrote as a conclusion to her piece. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me and provided encouragement. That’s very helpful, guys. Marissa has revealed that her lawsuit has been dismissed in a new TikTok video and promised to provide a comprehensive statement on October 22.

Why did Nintendo sue TikTok Star?

Marissa announced her new identity as Digital Princxss in October 2020, citing Nintendo’s opposition to her keeping the name pokeprincxss. According to Game Rant, her nickname is a nod to Nintendo’s Pokemon video game series. She had even begun peddling related goods. There was also Pokemon-themed merchandise available from her. As a result, Nintendo sent her a stop and desist letter a few months later to dispel any rumours that the two companies were working together. Rebranding the youthful content creator’s social media accounts resolved the problem.

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