Who is Matima Miller? BabyFace, Aka Swavy, Killed In Tragic Shooting, Details discussed

TikTok Babyface, aka Swavy, was shot and killed on July 5. One of his closest pals, Damaury Mikula, has confirmed the stated facts. As they reflected on the connection they had, his closest friends told memories of the one-of-a-kind personality he possessed. Swavy’s parents have not commented on the situation in any public forum. The videos uploaded by TikToker included comic skits, dance routines, and even answers to tweets from viewers. With the help of other TikTokers, Swavy was able to amass over 2.3 million followers. In addition, Swavy hosted several competitions and provided rewards for site users. Swavy’s passionate fan following has swarmed his various social media sites in the wake of the tragic news that the TikToker passed away early.

Who is Matia Miller?

Matima Miller has acquired more than 2.3 million followers on his TikTok account. Even though his username was @babyface.s, everyone referred to him as Swavy. The 19-year-old young man or woman from Wilmington, Delaware, achieved online fame for his funny videos on the social networking site, which together got 97,450,000 total likes. His Instagram account, which can be accessed at the handle @oneway.swavy, has amassed a following of 356,000 users. The 19-year-old Matima Miller, as he was known in his native country, has been remembered by the 98 million people who followed him on social media due to the popularity of his funny videos.

Swavy Was Killed In A Tragic Shooting

Damaury Mikula, one of Swavy’s other close friends, was the one who shared the news that Matima Miller had passed away on July 5th, the day after the news broke. In a YouTube video titled “Rest up, Bro,” he said, “He got shot, and I’ll take over for that.” Dude, all he did was make videos. That was all. He is 100 percent genuine.

According to Delaware Online, the Wilmington Police Department reported that at 10:42 p.m. on July 5, a male in his 19th year was shot. The 700 block of Elbert Place was where the event took place. Swavy was the one who passed away, according to what Damaury mentioned in his YouTube video, even though Delaware Online did not name Matima as the person who had died. It seems that a gunshot wound was located on his body, and after receiving emergency medical treatment at the hospital, he sadly passed away.

The specifics of what led up to the event remain unclear at the time of this writing. Swavy’s TikTok videos became viral after his fans watched them many times. In addition, the TikTokers built themselves as a brand by entering into endorsement deals and acting as the firm’s public face. A music video featuring Babyface dancing to the music of YvnggPrince was uploaded to TikTok and has received more than 180,000 views as of this writing. The tragic news of the young TikToker’s premature demise shocked his army of admirers, many of whom rushed to offer their condolences on Twitter as soon as they heard the news.

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