Who is Maxxonwaxx? Explaining maxxonwaxx’s Instagram cat controversy

An Instagram user named Maxxonwaxx and many of their pals has come under fire for uploading graphic images of cat torture and boasting about it on social media. Users of the social media platforms Reddit and Twitter have gone to the authorities and shared proof of their encounters with them on their respective platforms. Everyone is demanding that the authorities investigate and bring those guilty of this to justice.

Explaining the controversy over cats in photos

Since a few days ago, horrible photographs of mistreated animals have been freely disseminated around the internet. Users on many social media platforms assert that they saw the Instagram user Maxxonwaxx and a few others in her images abusing and killing kittens. Maxxonwaxx posted the photos. According to reports, Maxxonwaxx published a series of photographs on Instagram in which they stood next to a cat that had just passed away. Users of social media, who have been jolted to the core by these photographs, are sharing information on the user Maxxonwaxx and the other individuals they suspect to be participating in the crime at large.

Examination of the various maxxonwaxx Instagram accounts

Following the spreading of disturbing photographs over the internet, several individuals have created various Instagram pages under the name “Maxxonwaxx.” Newly created accounts are being used to share screenshots of the fake police report and material previously posted by Maxxonwaxx but have since been removed. It’s hard to comprehend how someone could find the act of murdering a defenseless animal amusing, yet that’s exactly what’s implied in the bio of the account whose user name is maxxonwaxx. Maxxonwaxx has many accounts, but just two posts have been made to one of them despite having approximately 1,700 followers. Although the user’s profile mentions the name Max and uses the pronouns they and them, it is not quite apparent that this is, in fact, the user’s original account. Additionally, the number 17 appears, which may be taken as an indication of the user’s age.

Twitter users urge each other to find the suspects

Twitter users have been providing daily updates on the case, with many demanding that the alleged suspects be held accountable for their participation in the animal torture. Twitter is a social networking website. Someone tweeted, “Guys, please report the maxxonwaxx account on Instagram and submit any information to the Bakersfield police about those three folks. May the kittie rest in peace, awful animal death.

They starved and decapitated a kittie. Please don’t look at the tagged Instagram pics.” In the post, the person referred to the three people as “those three individuals.” Even though a second user commented, “Okay, so I never update this,” I believe this is an issue that warrants being discussed since it is significant enough. TW/D34D animal; these adolescents had allowed a kitten to get malnourished before killing it and then torturing it. They do not have the slightest sense of remorse for what they have done.

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