Who is McPlayGT? New York City’s TikTok star stabbed in alleged hate crime, Details discussed

TikToker McPlayGT was stabbed in New York City on Saturday, March 12, by a stranger who sliced the back of his neck. Around 1:00 a.m., when the inventor and his pals were leaving a restaurant, a stranger approached them and tried to strike up a discussion. Just as they were about to leave the guy and go on to their objective, Chen said he felt something sharp strike him. He required five or six stitches and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

McPlayGT first started off making videos on YouTube

Michael Chen, better known by his moniker McPlayGT on the video-sharing platform TikTok, is a prolific content producer. The 17-year-content old’s creative career started when he was only 11 or 12 years old, while he was still in sixth grade. He began his career by uploading daily vlogs and storytimes on YouTube. As the creator’s popularity on the site continued to rise, he branched out to Twitch, but his time there did not go as well as he had hoped.

Chen created his now-famous TikTok account (@McPlayGT) after a buddy pushed him. He eventually amassed five million followers, making him a major celebrity in the digital sphere. More than 150k people follow him on Instagram, and he has over 43,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. The artist considers his mother his best friend and often includes her in his prank films. The influencer’s Spotify handle is “Michael Chen plays Growtopia” suggests he has musical aspirations. The five-foot-seven-inch Long Island native was born on May 25, 2004, and reportedly has a net worth of $1-5 million, the vast majority of which comes from brand endorsements.

Chen says he was targeted for his race

Despite Chen’s reputation for being a likeable TikToker, he seems to have been traumatized by the experience. Chen claims that the artist was escorting nine young women out of a building and on their way to another New York City destination. A random passerby questioned how he managed to pull all these gals as they left Phebe’s Tavern in Bowery. Chen left the room after declaring his role as a phoney lover to the girls and explaining his motivations. Just be yourself, and success will come. Twenty seconds later, something like a razor was slapped across the back of his neck, just missing his spine and other vital organs.

He told NBC4 New York that the assault has changed his perspective and that he now values his life more than ever. Since his companions overheard the assailant using a racial insult against him before fleeing the scene, he also suspects race had a role in the attack. The influential person said the assailant showed no signs of being homeless or intoxicated. His disciples, he said, should not pass judgment on others based on appearance alone. The NYPD is presently searching for a black man with a bearded face who was last seen wearing a blue puffer jacket and carrying a chain.

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