Who is Micah Beals? Parks and Recreation actor accused of vandalizing George Floyd monument, Details discussed

Micah Beals, who plays Tom Haverford on the NBC show Parks and Recreation, was taken into custody on October 3 for allegedly vandalising a statue of George Floyd that was located in Union Square Park. The suspect, who was seen on surveillance video riding a skateboard and spraying paint at the monument at 10:00 a.m., was identified by the NYPD as having been seen in the tape. Micah Beals would one day be recognised by law enforcement officials. Beals, 37 years old, was arrested and charged with second-degree criminal mischief for defacing a statue of George Floyd that was located in a park in Manhattan.

According to The Hill, he was also taken into custody on January 6 in Washington, DC, for violating the curfew imposed during the riots in the Capitol. A statue of George Floyd was vandalised only a few days after it was unveiled to the public. According to CNN, the price tag for removing the silver paint and making temporary repairs to the monument would be around two thousand dollars. According to reports, the price tag for permanent repairs to the monument is around $20,000.

Who is Micah Beals?

His professional name is Micah Femia. According to the information on his IMDb website, the musician and actor have been working professionally since 2005. According to his biography on Actors Access, Micah Beals has been in several plays throughout the years. He has performed in nine different shows that theatre groups, such as the Village Theatre Group and the Circle Theater Company, have put on. Just two of the many performances in which he has played the title role are “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” and “The Wizard of Oz.”

During the course of his career, Micah Beals has appeared in cameo capacities in various forms of media, including advertising, web series, and music videos. The native of Michigan gained widespread recognition after appearing as a guest star on CSI: New York in 2012 and Parks and Recreation in 2011. According to the rumours, the actor now resides in Manhattan. On the other hand, information from his criminal record suggests that he has a long-term residence in the state of Michigan. Beals’s IMDb page only mentions ten of the parts he has played, despite his resume claiming he has participated in 21 films and television programmes.

Charges filed against Micah Beals legally

Beals was recently charged with Criminal Mischief in the second degree for his most recent act of vandalism due to the damage he caused. According to CNN, he was released from custody and is scheduled to appear in court on November 1. In the meanwhile, it is not quite clear what became of the complaint made against him in January that he had broken curfew. Since 2002, the actor has been involved in a number of incidents that have brought him into contact with law enforcement.

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