Who Is Nikita Dragun? Death Hoax Rumor Criticized Over Clickbait Tears

The rumour that Nikita Dragun has passed away has been spreading like wildfire as a direct result of an influential person’s video that was published on their official YouTube channel and given the title “RIP Nikita Dragun.” Before realizing that the film was advertising for a product and had a misleading title, some viewers mistakenly concluded that Nikita had passed away. Her most recent video has come under fire from many people since it has allegedly started death rumours and has worried her followers.

R.I.P. Nikita Dragun Video Sparks Death Rumours

This video, which has a running time of exactly thirty-three minutes, was uploaded to Nikita’s official channel on YouTube on October 8 with the title “RIP Nikita Dragun.” There will be a funeral for a woman who shared my name, and the obituary will state that she was “dearly adored.” Transsexual. A well-known vocalist of pop music. CEO. The more well-known moniker is “Nikita Dragun,” while others know him as “Bad B.”

The video, in contrast to what is suggested by the film’s title, only highlights her rapid climb to fame over time and the many obstacles she has overcome on the way. Before they realized the hoax was being maintained for the sake of views, some of the YouTuber’s most committed viewers expressed genuine concern for her well-being when they first heard the news. The fact that she also added a link to the company’s shopping site that sponsored the ‘RIP Nikita Dragun’ video has only served to further infuriate her fans.

What Happened To Nikita Dragun?

A subsequent message including the hashtag “RIPNikitaDragun,” a link to the mystery video implying her death, was also sent to her official Twitter account. Subsequently, the account retweeted the YouTube video. To summarize the most recent information, there is currently no convincing proof that Nikita Dragun is no longer alive. Her fans had mixed thoughts regarding her demise.

Some of her followers started posting words of grief on her YouTube video, paying homage to the “calm attitude and spirit” and expressing their regrets at her loss. Some of her admirers began leaving messages of condolence on her YouTube video. On the other hand, many persist in denying the end and have referred to it as a deception about death. Please keep following our updates since we have more information coming soon.

Exploring the most recent Twitter ban

Nikita may have lost her fans with her most recent video, but she was kicked from Twitter because of the image she chose to use as her profile picture a few weeks ago. Because her profile picture included offensive or sexually explicit content, the website banned her account. The YouTube user’s account was terminated when she used a picture that seemed to be from ancient and included a transsexual as her profile picture. The restriction was lifted once she changed her profile picture to one that did not expose all of her body parts to the public.

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