Who is Noemi Zamacona? Van Jones, Family Shares Photos welcome Baby Girl Jones

The well-known CNN journalist Van Jones and his longtime friend Noemi Zamacona have just become parents for the third time. Noemi and Van Jones, who raised their daughter together as “conscious co-parents,” gave their child the best possible upbringing while still being true to themselves as individuals. Van Jones is a married guy, and his wife is the CNN anchor Jana Carter. They have two children together as a married pair, and their names are Mattai and Cabral Jones. During an interview with TMZ, Van Jones spoke about. During their locked-down period, he shared the family’s plans and decisions with them.

Who is Noemi Zamacona?

The actor, who won an Emmy, just became a parent for the very first child, and he is overwhelmed with emotion. He will bring up their child together with the assistance of his girlfriend, Noemi Zamacona. Noemi Zamacona is now working as the Monitor at the Los Angeles County Office of the Inspector General. She maintains a keen awareness of the conditions prevailing across the United States’ most extensive correctional system. It is her job to evaluate the effectiveness of correctional institutions using internal and external sources, including records and interviews with convicts, as well as inspections by authorities such as United States attorney generals. She detailed other aspects of her professional life and career on the LinkedIn profile she maintains for herself.

To whom does Van share parental responsibilities?

They want to bring up their daughter as a family, including the political analyst and his partner, Noemi Zamacona. Noemi’s day-to-day activities occur in the Office of the Inspector General for Los Angeles County. This is because it is her responsibility to monitor activities at one of the most extensive correctional facilities in the United States. The winner of an Emmy intends to carry out his friend’s idea to co-parent the kid in the future.

Additionally, he has assumed that he and Noemi are not romantically involved. Both Van and Noemi cannot contain their joy at the prospect of becoming parents. Others may find their approach to parenting unusual, but it’s working out pretty well for them. They’ve formed an unbreakable alliance, ready to face any danger as one. At this point in life, nothing else is as important to them as taking care of their newborn child.

Relationship with Van Jones’s family and friends

Van Jones has a wife whose name is Jana Carter. He is blessed with beautiful family life. He and his long-term partner, Noemi Zamacona, recently welcomed their third child into the world. He broke the news to the general public during an interview with TMZ. The sort of connection that is good for couples is shown by Noemi Zamacona and her partner in how they raise their children together. She gained widespread attention when it came to light that she and Van Jones, a CNN commentator and a friend of hers for more than three decades, are sharing parental responsibilities for their daughter despite residing in separate locations.

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